Vastu corrections without demolition

Vastu Tips Dated:  March 7, 2014
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Interior designed by gaurav Arora

Who doesn’t want a Vastu compliant home? But the cold fact is that though Vastu has been making huge waves in India since almost a decade; most homes that have been constructed in the past years are not overall Vastu compliant. As it is, building a house is a once in a lifetime deal for most of us and in such a case it becomes very frustrating to know that the house you are living in maybe the very cause of a few if not all of your woes in life. It is certainly not feasible to rebuild and recreate a home as and when you like, but then Vastu does offer certain remedies that can be applied to the most common Vastu defects in a home without resorting to demolition and renovation.

Here are a few ways that you could make your home Vastu compliant without having to tear it down:

Vastu Crystals
Natural quartz crystals are a great source of energy and you can also find crystal pyramids in the market. If you keep them in the northwest of a room where the Vastu Dosha exists you can create harmonious relations between the family members. 

Vastu energy plate
If a Vastu defect exists in the main entrance of the house you can use an energy plate which is made of plastic and is eight inches square and half an inch thick with a Swastika symbol. Hang it on the main entrance and it will bring health and harmony to the house. An energy plate with a symbol of the female egg and the male sperm can be hanged in the bedroom of a married couple towards the direction of their feet and it will bring progeny and marital bliss.

A mirror is very effective in removing Vastu defects as it can

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and reflect the desired energy. There are special Vastu mirrors which can help in expanding a restricted or narrow area. The defects of Northeast direction too can be fixed by a Vastu mirror which can alleviate the defect. A mirror in a restaurant, shop or hotel helps remove a number of Vastu defects.

Wind Chimes
There are many varieties of wind chimes available in the market nowadays. These wind chimes produce beautiful sounds which help in harmonizing the vibrations of a defected area. The entrance of a house or commercial establishments benefits a lot by using wind chimes.

Plants tend to absorb the negative energy of the area and can be very helpful in protecting a space from its Vastu defects. If your staircase faces the main entrance; you can place a potted plant along the stairs. You can also make the entrance more auspicious by simply placing these plants on both sides of the main door or gate.

These are specific figures. A yantra mainly consists of a particular figure or square with some numbers and symbols which are inscribed on a copper or silver plate with a sharp object. They can also be drawn on a sacred leaf.

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is made at an auspicious time and energized with the help of certain rituals and prayers. A yantra placed in the Vastu defected area can cure that area of the defect.


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