Vastu defects and their impact on you and your home

Vastu Tips Dated:  March 7, 2014
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All of us have heard about Vastu Shastra but not many are aware of what Vastu defects really are and how they impact us and our home. An understanding of these cause and effect dynamics can make it a lot easier to understand the problem and take remedial actions. Vastu is all about directions and it is the auspicious and inauspicious aspects related to the location and placing of various sections and parts of the house that can make all the difference.

Following are a few defects and their impact on the various places in your home:

This direction is a source for positive energy and a defect in this area of the house tends to give an overall negative impact on the people living in the house.

•    A toilet or bathroom in the Northeast
•    Heavy objects or too much clutter in this direction.
•    If there is a cut in the Northeast portion of the house.
•    A pole, tree or the shadow or a high building on this direction.
•    A kitchen or store room in the Northeast

Resultant problems:
•    Disease related to head (Migraine or headaches)
•    Trouble with Education and financial difficulties
•    Issues related to marital bliss and child bearing
•    Problems with blood, kidneys and eyes

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This direction is mainly to do with female health, earning capabilities and physical strength. A defect in this area tends to affect the physical energy of the people in the house and creates an unsatisfactory lifestyle.

•    A cut or extension in the Southeast direction of the house
•    Septic tank or water in this direction
•    A slope in the Southeast

Resultant problems:
•    Difficulty in finding a suitable partner and marriage related issues
•    Trouble in getting a job and financial problems
•    Suicidal tendencies and marital affairs
•    Legal problems and police inquiries
•    Anger issues and fear of fire

This direction is controlled by Rahu and is very important. Wealth, longevity and luck are controlled by this direction and any defect here can make your efforts useless and you may not get the rewards of your hard work. It also brings Pitra Dosha and bad luck.

•    Underground water tank or bore  well in Southeast
•    A cut or extension in this direction of the house
•    A gate or main entrance in Southeast
•    A kitchen or a slope in this direction

Resultant problems:
•    Difficulties in business, blocked money and problems related to loans
•    Leg pain, accidents or fractures
•    Problems related to kidneys
•    Women in the house suffer and there is instability
•    Younger members of the family get into bad society and habits
•    Dissatisfactory relations between husband and wife

This is the direction for prosperity and creativity. A defect or Dosha in this direction creates legal obstacles, enemies and sours relations with other family members and neighbors.

•    A cut or water tank in Northwest
•    Sometimes a kitchen in this direction can create a problem
•  dead end in this direction 

Resultant problems:
•    Over confidence
•    Court matters
•    Legal disputes
•    Lung problems
•    Lack of friends and their support

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