Vastu for Dining room

Vastu Tips Dated:  Jan. 2, 2014
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A dining room is equally important as compared to the other rooms in the house, so it must be properly planned. 

Some people say, a dining room is not necessarily important, but Vastu believes that it is good to have a proper place of eating food rather than eating food in any part of the house.

Vastu for dining room, makes sure that the food you are consuming implies a positive effect on your body and to your family. Creating such an atmosphere enhances the overall quality of your life, thereby bringing prosperity, wealth and happiness into your life. 

Plenty of things require special attention, while setting up the formation of a dining room on the principles of Vastu Shastra. 

Some of them are:-

  1. Proper location of the dining room.
  2. Proper placement of the dining table.
  3. Placement of electronic gadgets.
  4. The direction which one should face while eating.

Following are some Vastu tips for your ideal Dining room:-

  •  Vastu believes that the West portion of the house is the ideal location for setting up a dining room.
  • Light shades of pink and orange are considered to be the most suitable wall color for a dining room.
  •  Vastu recommends to have square or rectangle shape dining table.
  •  The dining table should not be attached to the side walls.
  •  If you wish to place a refrigerator in the dining room, then place the refrigerator in the  southeast direction.
  • The main entrance door and the door of the dining room must not face each other directly.
  •  If you want to have a washbasin or sink inside your dining room, then prefer  either eastern or northern corner.
  • Presence of nature and scenic beauty paintings can create a happy atmosphere.
  • Dining room should not be located near the entrance, nor should be settled exactly under the stairway. 
  • The dining table not be in a straight alignment with the toilet door.
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A dining room is meant for spending happy hours together while eating. It is advised to talk to the family members softly and in a calm and pleasant voice. Allow the children to enjoy the food, rather than giving them a lesson while eating. It is better not to have the TV set in the dining room, the TV may kill the attention leading to not proper consumption of food. Make the environment intimate and conductive. It is better not to have too many furniture in this room. Focus mainly on the dining table. Paintings of food items can be placed in a dining room which might bring the sweet aroma into the place.

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