Vastu for Kitchen - Dos and Don'ts

Vastu Tips Dated:  March 7, 2014
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Indian homes are increasingly getting Vastu savvy as more and more people begin to understand and accept this science of building and energy. In every Indian home the kitchen is one of the most sacrosanct areas. It is considered the belly of the house and is placed accordingly. It requires special attention because the food for the entire family is prepared in the kitchen. Vastu lays down rules for the design of the kitchen and ascribes a place for everything. It also prescribes certain rules for the person who cooks the meals as it contributes to both the health and happiness of the family.

Vastu Shastra describes Venus as the ruling planet of the kitchen with Fire as its ruling element. Following are a few tips that should be used while creating a Vastu Shastra compliant kitchen:

  • An ideal kitchen should be placed in the Southeastern part of the house. As per Hindu shastras Southeast corner is the place of Hindu God Agni. East is considered to be the best direction and the Southeast corner of a house is perfect for the kitchen.
  • Another direction which is suitable for the cooking area is the Northwest. But if the land plot is diagonal then it is not recommended.
  • Northeast corner of a house should never be used for the kitchen as it is most suitable for living room or a pooja room because the morning light falls in this direction first of all.
  • In a kitchen the windows should face the East while the doors should be in North of Northeast direction.
  • The kitchen is not to be placed under or above the pooja room, bedroom or toilet.
  • The cooking gas or stove should be placed a few inches away from the wall in the Southeast corner.
  • The main slab should be in an L shape and the South wall should be used for using electrical appliances like the mixer, grinder, microwave oven and the electric cattle etc.
  • The dish sink should be placed as far as possible in the Northeast along with the drinking water container or appliance.
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  • The storage area for grains, spices and pulses etc. should be in the South or West.
  • The cooking appliances should be placed in such a manner that the person cooking the meal faces East.
  • If there is a dining table in the kitchen then it should be put in the Northwest or west.
  • The refrigerator should be put in the Southeast, South or North direction. It is not to be put in the Northeast and if it is placed in the Southwest direction then it should be at least a foot away from the corner or it may require frequent repairs.
  • The kitchen should be cleaned and the utensils washed before sleeping each night.
  • The first thing that you cook in the kitchen should be offered to the fire as it ensures the peace and prosperity of the house.

Some of these rules may not make much sense to you but remember that are backed up by a science that dates back to our oldest history and following them can help you create health and happiness in your kitchen.

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