Vastu for the Main Entrance Door

Vastu Tips Dated:  Jan. 2, 2014
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The entrance of your home is the entry to your 'kingdom'. This gate should be maintained with utmost care. The entrance door should be located in proper direction, because all the positive and negative energies revolves around this door. 

The main door should be clean & beautiful. It should be free from any obstruction both from inside and outside.

The main door establishes a significant relationship with the outside world. The entrance door is the mouth of a house which welcomes all the positive opportunities, so this door should be large and inviting.And hence Vastu Shashtra for main entrance is an important consideration.

Direction of the Main Entrance Door:

The experts of "Vastu Shastra" suggests East, West and North direction to be more effective for the inhabitants.

  • The main door through which you enter to your house is considered to be the gateway which brings new possibilities and hopes in your life.
  • It is very important that the door opens entirely or at least to 90 degree.
  • Vastu believes that a door which opens completely brings all the positive energies and opportunities into the house.
  • A door which cannot open entirely may restrict the flow of positive energies as well as opportunities.


Some other factors to be noted while constructing the main door:

  1. Avoid main door facing a destroyed building or an abandoned house.
  2. Construct the main door in such a way that no shadow falls over it.
  3. The door should not be placed exactly at the corner of the walls,instead keep the door away from the corner at least by a few inches.
  4. The main door should be constructed with good quality material preferably wood. Vastu suggests to avoid metal frames of metal doors.
  5. Avoid having a wall in front of the entrance door.
  6. Do not keep a dustbin near the main
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  7. Avoid facing the main door towards intersecting roads.
  8. There should not be any obstacles like electric pole,water tank in front of the main door.
  9. Do not construct the main door facing directly to the opposite house.
  10. There should not lie a heap of  stones or bricks just in front of the main entrance.A garage or a store room should not be located just in front of the main entrance door. 

All these are considered as obstructions which might hamper the progress in a house.

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