5 Important Vastu Shastra Tips for your Home

Vastu Tips Dated:  Oct. 18, 2016
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Vastu Shastra, Design by Architectural firm NSD Design Group Clan

Your home is the place where most beautiful relationships flourish in the form of love and dreams. It is the most comfortable spot in the whole world after a long tiring day and a most priced possession anyone can own. It is one of those necessities which a human being tries to fulfill by saving money intensely till their 30's or 40's and still only the fortunate ones get to achieve this beautiful feeling of living in their own house brought from their hard earned money. Even after spending all our savings in buying this little bundle of happiness, sometimes it can become a nightmare to us. It is very necessary to ensure that our house is Vastu compliant for good health, cheerful mood and blissful life of the residents.

Vastu Shastra TipsVastu Shastra Tips
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The Best Journey Takes You Home: Attract Positivity

Vastu Shastra is about pulling in positive vibes, everything in a house should reflect positivity.  Generally, it is said that we should always buy a house with east, north or north-east facing entrance so that our life progress happily in the same way sun progress from east to west.  Some other things that should not be ignored are, lightening up the house when it's dark. Remembering god and serving him prayers every morning and evening just for even 10 minutes help keeps the evil energies stay away from us. Besides this, everyone at home should wash their hands and feet after stepping in the house from outside so as to dispose of all the negative vibes which they have collected on their way to home.

Guidelines for HouseGuidelines for House
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Home is not a place, It's a feeling: Uncluttered House

Many of us are well aware of the fact that “Why we clean our house properly before Diwali Puja”. For some who don't know, we do it to attract the goddess of health and wealth “ Mata Laxmi”. So cleanliness is the medium to attract positivity and it is a path towards good health and wealth. We should not keep those things in our house, which we are not using from ages. The uncluttered house where everything is organized keeps us calm and results in fewer arguments among the family members.

Vaastu Shastra - Master Bed-RoomVaastu Shastra - Master Bed-Room
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There's no place like Home: No sharp Edges

Before finalizing your deal of buying a most prized possession, just have an aerial as well as the street view of the property to ensure that there are no sharp edges in the house. There are some online portals such as QuikrHomes, that present home-seekers with the aerial view of the property so that they can make a great decision of lifetime investment with full confidence and considering all major points. Sharp edges draw negative vibes in the house. We should also ensure that the other valuables in the  house such as racks, shelves or furniture have rounded edges and the mirrors in our house are not lacerated.

vastu shastra for homeVastu Shastra for Home
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Don't dream your life, Live your dreams : Enhanced relationship

Do not choose to paint your bedroom with dark or fluorescent colors if you want to enhance your relationship with your spouse. Colors put a very deep sense of impact on our mind and soul. While soothing and light colors can make your relationship much more beautiful, the dark colors can have a negative impact on your relationship. Ensure that your bed is properly dressed with a nice bedsheet and your dressing table does not face your bed for a long lasting happy relationship between the couple. This helps prevent bad dreams to occupy your thoughts while sleeping. Also, you can put a big frame of the picture about some of the happy moments with your spouse to strengthen your relationship.

Vastu for HouseVastu for House
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Home is where we house our souls : Decorate it Beautifully

Decorating your house with beautiful plants can keep the environment around you healthy and pleasant, though it is advisable not to put cactus or thorny plants and shrubs to avoid drawing any sort of negative energy in your beautiful house. Apart from this, we should also ensure not to play noisy or loud songs in our house and our doorbell should have a pleasant melodious ringtone for a cheerful and pleasant feeling.

vastu tipsVastu Tips
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