Victorian Interior Decor - 5 Quick Tips

Architectural Styles from around the World Dated:  Sept. 22, 2015
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Victorian Style Interior Design Ideas, Source: wikipedia

Its interesting to adopt styles from the past to define our present after all “old is gold”. Considered as one of the important ages in the course of development and advancement, Victorian era saw a change in status quo of the social hierarchical order. The middle class was climbing up the ladder and adopting aristocratic lifestyle and practices, of which living in a designed and luxurious home was one. Home interiors were done in an ostentatious way flaunting richness and wealth. Social status was maintained by showy display of lavishness. People who seek to maintain such lavish lifestyle may find this article interesting. Here are some tips to design your home the Victorian way.

1. Calm Colors: This age saw a wide variation in the usage of color schemes for the walls. Walls need to be done in a creative manner which contrasts with the ceiling. These speak their own tale of sensibility and peace. The colors should be minimal and not loud for a soothing atmosphere. Ranging from soft gray to mahogany brown, splendid display of luxurious interiors remains at play.

Calm ColorsWall Decor
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2. Flaunting Furniture: There are no constraints or restraints when it comes to choosing furniture for the splendid interior. Lack of furniture is taken to be the sign of poor taste, however excess should be avoided altogether. Ornamentation can be replaced by exclusive antiques hung from the ceilings at regular intervals and giving an essence of the gone period. Elaborate furniture ranging from delicate to heavy showpieces can also be used. Couches with big backs can be opted for in order to give a rich look.

Flaunting FurnitureFurniture Design Idea by: Interior Designer Preetham Dsouza,                                          Interior Designer Mudit Surana

3. Playing of Patterns: A modern Victorian house needs to have opulent patterns. Patterns on walls can range from floral designs to portraits of great emperors to give it an authentic touch. A depiction of fauna is also appreciable and hunting scenes are preferred as they were quite popular during Victorian period. Further, geometrical designs add to the complexity in the wide array of patterns.

Playing of PatternsPlaying of Patterns
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4. Classy Curtains: Curtains remained one of the most significant features of Victorian houses.  Usage of velvet or brocade on one hand gives curtain a heavy look, cotton and polyester curtains on the other hand lends the house a touch of serenity, however both these styles have ample richness latent in their textures. Properly trimmed laces or fringes can be made use of to add an effect of extravagance to the curtains. Tailor-made for windows, these curtains control the amount of light entering into a specific area.

Classy CurtainsClassy Curtains
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5. Awesome Antiques: The essence of Victorian period can be maintained and increased manifolds by choosing the best form of antiques to grace the interior with. Heavy metal vases or statues kept on table tops or by the sides of the room is wonderful. Carved sceneries in the middle of the wall or a chandelier hung from the ceiling gives the room a tremendous look usually that of the aristocrats of the age.

Awesome AntiquesAwesome Antiques
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