Wall accents and ideas for kids room

Kids Room Interior Design Dated:  Feb. 17, 2014
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Designed by: Abhishek Chadha

There is nothing more delightful and full of life as a kids’ room. Doing up children’s room in such a way, that it reflects their likes and temperament is a trend that is fast catching up in India. The urban Indian parent is often busy with work and business and has little if any time to spend with children. This makes them look for contributing to their children’s life in quality. Decorating your child’s room can create a bond between the parent and the child. As they explore each others’ taste and choices. And those parents who have done it will always regale you with the fun and joy that they had in doing it. It’s like you have been given the license to become a child again and can delve into your childhood dreams along with your dear child. Here are a few ways in which you can create accents and design the walls of your kid’s room or bedroom.


There are endless options when it comes to creating a wall accent for your kid’s room. Here are some novel ideas.

  • The idea is to offset the entire room by creating a focal point by painting the central wall in a deep shade of your choice. The colors that are mostly used are shades of dark rust, teal, deep royal blues and shades of turquoise. While these colors go well with a boy’s room the girls’ room is best done is deep shades of pink, lilac, red, purple and violets. 
  • Another novel method is the glow paint. It is best to let the child draw his/her favorite shapes and figures in glow paint on the wall. People are also going for using chalk board paint in the kids’ room so they can use that portion of the wall as a board for their studies. 
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  • The solar system or the Milky Way painted on the ceiling of the children’s room is a big hit all over the globe. You have a number of options available to create this effect. There are decal stickers and glow paint to achieve the desired constellations and scenes.
  • For the boy’s room you could try using the magnetic paint on the walls. This allows you to position the children’s toy cars and other such pet objects on to the wall. You can even paint a race car track with the help of this paint and position your son’s favorite cars and Lorries right on to the track.  This will not only create a great look but will provide your child with his very own racing track.
  • You also have a choice of stickers and stencils that can be used on the walls to create a unique design or pattern. The jungle scenes are a hit with the boys while the girls are keener on butterflies, fairies and gardens. The market is full of numerous options in this field and you are almost spoilt for choice. 

Truth is that there is really no end to the and methods with which you can decorate the walls of your child’s room. The only limit is the one which you set for yourself or else you can simply let your dreams run riot.

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