5 Wall Design and Decor Ideas

Wall Decor Dated:  Sept. 23, 2015
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Wall Decor Idea by Ar. Amit Walavalkar Adorn Space Concepts Pvt Ltd.

“My walls my choice“ if you are in for changing your old, plain and boring walls just for something new in trend and make it unique. Walls are what reflect a house and all your interiors including furniture, accessories and everything depends on the wall designs and colors. You can show your creativity with style and transform the walls into something spectacular. For those who are looking for some ideas to decorate and create new walls, this list should hopefully give you some good ideas:-

Green white bedroom designWall Decor Ideas
Image Source: https://cdn.home-designing.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Green-white-bedroom-design.jpeg

Wallpaper: Wallpapers are new in fashion for amazing accent walls with a wide range of options in different themes. It offers designs from landscapes till the simplest ones with small patterns or art work. But you need to give serious attention to it while installing. You can use wallpaper on single wall in a room whichever you like and  rest of the walls can be colored with some matching shade.

Faux finishingFaux finishing
Image Source: https://www.artinteriorsofswfl.com/portfolio/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/striebath.jpg

Faux finishing: Have you ever heard about it? I think not as it is rarely seen and is – a formula for great design. It is the art of using paint to bring an artificial look like a material such as metal or wood. It offers leather and suede faux finishing which looks gorgeous, there is also a rustic design with the use of plaster. This makes the walls instantly noticable and easily grabs ones attention. You can go for a design which ever you like.

gray colour design wallWall Decor Design Idea
Image Source: https://hiskor.com/i/2015/05/gray-colour-design-wall-on-room-white-colour-fabric-design-matter-sofa-with-cushions-rectangular-wooden-design-table-on-room-modern-design-stand-lamp-inside-window-simple-design-living-room.jpg

Play with colors: This is something very durable, sets in any budget and bring elegant. Go for some bold and bright colors that will liven up your rooms, choose some contrasting shades in a room and let me tell you that “Gray” is all new in trend with various shades and if you are going for it make sure that you also compliment it with some lighting.

textured wallsTextured wall Decor
Image Source: https://www.nanachill.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/excellent-photos-of-textured-walls-with-gray-egg-chairs-white-sofa-bed-white-coffee-table-wooden-floor-fake-fireplace-flower-vase.jpg

Magic of textures: Bring on some creative idea or texture design for your walls, this is in the growing trend with a new concept daily and gives a classy look to the tired interiors. It is offered readymade in textured wall panel sheets which are hard-to-ignore textures or you can go for textures whichever suits best to your place with a unified color scheme.

wall ceramic tile decoration effectWall Ceramic Tile Decoration
Image Source: https://photo.interiorpik.com/uploads/2013/6/29/living-room-tv-background-wall-ceramic-tile-decoration-effect.jpg

Ceramic wall tiles: Tiles aren’t just for floors they are also for walls with various patterns. Tiles are an evergreen and very right option for specially people who live in hot climatic regions, it gives a cool touch to the place. To make it unique you just need to go for some great and stylish patterns which are easily available.

“Your walls are surely going to scream-look at me!”

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