4 Wall Painting Tips and Tricks

Wall Decor Dated:  Sept. 16, 2015
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Wall Decoration

Want to feel the right aura in the right room: A soothing and relaxing feeling in your bedroom, a welcoming one in your living room and so on …it’s time to paint your walls with such mood reflecting colours. Colours are the key features to give the right look to your interiors but also bring out your personality so when it comes to colouring your walls you need to choose wisely. If you wish to paint your walls here are some ideas that will help you make your task easier.

Wall Painting DesignWall Painting. Design by Architects' Studio
Wall Painting IdeasWall Painting Design Ideas by Architect Aamir Sharma

Know the language of colours:

Light colours make your room feel larger and spacious. So if you are a small room owner the best way to colour your room is to colour it light. Choose light colours slightly more saturated than white that create a luminous effect in your room. Whereas, if you have spacious rooms you can choose to go for dark colours in shades of  rosy red, blue, tortoise green and  royal purple, coffee mocha.

Wall LightingWall Lighting
Image source: https://www.bchydro.com/content/dam/hydro/medialib/internet/images/products/lighting/stairwell_lighting.jpega

Use colours architecturally:

Try painting moulding and doorways just one step lighter or darker than the primary wall, though being a subtle shift in colour this will really bring your eye to the detail. Giving your walls a bronze or copper finish will give it a more translucent look. Try using two colours in a room. Paint the book shelf or any such piece with a different colour so that it becomes an attention seeker.

Wall-ColorBeige Wall Color
Image source: https://www.designarcade.in/interior-design-ideas/images/beige-wall-colour-oak-bed-set.jpg

Change your perception with the gloss and paint type:

Make your perpetual reaction to the colour more direct and vivid by using a glossier surface. Colour perception can dramatically be affected by the texture of the printed surface. A heavily texture surface creates a darker impression so try avoiding such textures.

Home Decor with orange wallHome Decor with orange wall by Interior Designer Sandesh Prabhu

Use colour samples:

Keep in mind the interrelation between the hues when selecting the colours. Because the final wall colour will be applied on a vertical surface it is important to first apply the colour on any such surface before finalising it. As more light falls on a horizontal surface than a vertical one colours may appear light than they actually are.so you have to be very careful while choosing the colours.

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