Wardrobe pick-7 Indian bedroom wardrobe designs

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  Jan. 8, 2016
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Wardrobe Design Ideas by Architect Pooja Rathod

A wardrobe is something which can define your personality in a gist. The content inside can vary from ethnic to western and  casual to formal giving a true sense of who you are. But when it comes to the wardrobe itself, it is hard to exhibit this  love for diversity in just one design. But there are definitely some designs which is a blend of both contemporary and ancient, formal and casual, saying all at once.

Here are some inspired Indian wardrobe designs that will make you a trendsetter among your peers.

Wood has been our first and prime choice for decor. No other material comes close to wood when its about aesthetics. But its in human nature to adapt with the changing times and trends.
And we Indians always make sure that the 'Indianness' in not lost while flowing with the trend.

kids room wardrobe designkids room wardrobe design by Interior Designer Shahen Mistry

Let's start with the one for our kids. When it comes to kids, we cannot really stick to the sophisticated and woody look we love to have. Instead, they need a bedroom which is nothing less than fantasy world. To go with such a look, is the wardrobe design shown above. The wardrobe has turned into a mini colourful jungle with a pleasant white background. Tiny weeny cubicles are fixed into for storing toys.

Wardrobe Design IdeasWardrobe Design Ideas
Image source: https://sc01.alicdn.com/kf/UT8vo8.XttaXXagOFbX3/indian-painting-wooden-room-almirah-mdf-wardrobes.jpg_220x220.jpga

If you are to visit your ancestors place in north India, you are sure to find furniture of similar type.
 The wooden wardrobe or 'almirah' as we like to call, has become a canvas for a Mughal inspired pattern. The eclectic work done on the wardrobe has turned it into a piece of art.

For someone who is in love with the antique designs and patterns, this can be a great inspiration.

Wardrobe Design InspirationWardrobe Design Inspiration
Image source: https://24yes.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/0626.jpg

Black and white is an evergreen combination.

The long array of wardrobe flashing alternate black and white doors gives a sleek and bold look to the room.

No need to find a wall decor if you have something like this  at home!

Walk In Wardrobe DesignWardrobe Design by Interior Designer Shahen Mistry

A 'one for all' wardrobe for the master bedroom. This huge looking wardrobe is in actual, a space saver. There is space for any and every accessory you can possibly have at your home. With spacious shelves for shoes, illuminated space for hanging the designer wear and the usual racks, things are much more organised without compromising with the contemporary look.

Wardrobe Design IndiaWardrobe Design by Interior Designer Mayur Hurne

An expansive contemporary style wardrobe with huge storage capacity. The glossy finish saves the huge wardrobe from making the room look congested and cluttered.

Wooden wardrobe designWooden wardrobe design by Architect PRS Sivakumar

Earlier, there used to be a set of designs that were to be repeated when wood was used for furniture. But now the scene isn't the same.

The wardrobe shown is a perfect example to show how vast the change has been. Mirror, which has been an integral part of our old wardrobe designs, has been given its space. The use of light and dark brown combination is what does the magic here.

Designer wardrobeDesigner wardrobe by Interior Designer Mahendra Jadeja

We are an adaptive lot, aren't we? The way we adapt to the changing trend around us is amazing. 
Keeping our love for woody finish intact, many of us have turned to a more convenient and stylish model of  wardrobe. Wardrobes with sliding doors are one of such trends.

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