Western Home Decor

Architectural Styles from around the World Dated:  Aug. 28, 2014
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Western Inspired Interiors Designed by: Sumeet Saxena

The first thing that comes to mind when doing up a western style home is the sheer primness involved with it.The whites, the pastels and the neat décor style appeal to one and all, making western décor one of the most popular home décor styles of all time. The beauty of western décor lies in its neatness and simplicity. I unconsciously associate it with British country homes, the ones with the taxidermy and rifles to boast of. But there are obviously many more facets to western interior décor. Let’s go through them one at a time!

1)    Country Style: My readers probably already understand my undying love for the traditional and here it is again. Western county homes look wonderful, with the big, long dining tables, ornate chairs, wooden cabinets, wine cellars and more. The whole idea of a western home, laden with the good bits of our colonial ancestry, makes for a brilliant décor plan. Next time you plan to redecorate, give this one a chance!

2)    Disco: The Disco Phase of the 80’s leaves more and more of us wondering, could we do it again? The answer is probably yes. In this day and age of selective décor, making the disco frenzy go all over your house is probably not a brilliant idea. So take it a room at a time. If you have a house big enough to have a separate room for a media and entertainment center, you could splash some American disco all over this area. Apart from looking effortlessly chic, it would serve as a lovely thematic experience for your home.

3)    Romanticism: Ah the western houses of the era of romanticism! Pretty Victorian houses, cone topped, white coloured, and beautiful with flowers and pastels of all kinds. The light coloured, well-polished wood adds to the beautiful

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that these houses wish to create. Go pink, purple, lemon, mint green and unleash Spring Forever in your beloved house. Hint: Flowers and Cushions are your best friends!

4)    Woodhouse Interiors: Woodhouse is another lovely theme that also happens to be highlight of the western style. Cathedral styled roofs and ceilings are lovely additions that go very well with a western Woodhouse. The wood that you choose for your interiors is as crucial as anything else. While most of us are fans of dark-coloured wood, light-coloured woods can be used for flooring, giving an enchanting uniqueness to your space. Lighting is another crucial aspect of your woodhouse interiors. Use lighting that complements the colour of your wood, and usually yellow lights suit this look best. Beautiful lighting accessories can be used to complete the ethnic look.

5)    Lastly, we talk about the additions you can make to your home in order to westernize. Add a stone fireplace to give your home an attitude that it didn’t have before. Wooden flooring can be a similar addition to your space that reeks of western interiors. Different kinds of lighting accessories can also be used to lift up the overall look of your interiors.


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you adopt, make sure to not overdo it. The western décor theme is one that’ll leave you beaming ear to ear at its success. Happy decorating!


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