At what height should you hang paintings in your living room

Wall Accents Dated:  Dec. 30, 2013
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The joy of watching a new painting on the wall of your living room can shatter down very soon if you do not have the idea of height and proper placement. You have just purchased a new painting and you are not sure how high it should be mounted on the wall, you can go through the following tips.

These tips are basically some helpful ideas which can offer you the best look out of your painting(s) when hung at a proper height.

You might have heard rumors like hang up a painting such that the center of the artwork is at your eye level.

Well if you think so, you will be confused right away when you think of your height in consideration with a 6 feet tall friend of yours.You have a sofa in your living room and you are confused whether to display the painting over the sofa or not and at what height should it be hung.

Well do not fear, just go through the following tips-

  1. At the outset you consider the fact that is your living room a place where you mainly find yourself standing, if this is so it will make sense if you display your artwork a bit higher. If the ceiling is tall, then adjust the position of the painting as per the requirement.
  2. Now consider the situation, if in this room you generally spend a lot of time, you visit this room quite frequently, sit there and do all your casual gossips; then in such cases you should hang pictures a bit lower, place your paintings in a way such that you can enjoy it from a lover viewing angle. You can do an experiment to find out the best position
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    hang your paintings, simply sit on a chair and ask someone to hold the painting against the wall, move it up and down and adjust the position for a better view.
  3. Try to relate the artwork to the sofa or the furniture just below it. Make sure you have a proper frame for the painting. Place the painting against the wall in such a way that when you sit on the sofa the painting lies just above your head.
  4. However, if your painting is not very large, consider hanging the painting with other objects or with some decorative items.
  5. If your painting is tall, or it's a vertical painting, place it in a way such that the top 50% of the image remains at your eye level. Again, in this case you can take the help of your friend to hold the image against the wall and adjust it accordingly.
  6. Do not fix a small picture on a very large wall, this will disturb the balance of your room, instead  look for a narrow wall, and hang up 2 or 3 small pictures in a vertical line.It is necessary that both the picture hooks are in proper alignment.

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