5 Key Differences Between Rugs and Carpets

Product Guide Dated:  April 21, 2016
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Bare floors often look bland and boring, unless you have tiles that  are good enough to be flaunted. Rugs or Carpets are then the choice we make to give our rooms some warmth and color. They aren't just a delight to place our foot on. With umpteen colours, patterns, textures and materials, these are true accent pieces for any room. While, rugs and carpets serve similar purpose and belong to the same family of 'floor coverings', they are not  identical twins as many of us would think.

How are they different?  Well, here's how.


The major difference lies with the size. Rugs are smaller than Carpets. They usually do not exceed 2m in length and cover a maximum of around 40 square feet. Carpets on the other hand are large and often (and not always) cover floors wall to wall.  In simpler words, if you wish to  cover the entire floor space of the room, it is carpet you are looking for. 

CarpetLiving room floor carpet
Image source: flicksfindings.com

A living room can  come alive with such a royal setting of plush, tufed sofa and enchanting floor carpet.


Carpets, as we all know, are used as a second flooring. If your floor has lost its shine and glamour, you will go for carpeting the space. These are also a brilliant option for a huge entertainment area to go under the sofa arrangement.

long trailing carpet Long trailing carpet
Image source: www.housetohome.co.uk

A long trailing carpet can look great on the stairs too !!

Rugs, on the other side can be used for a variety of purposes apart from  covering a section of the floor. Right from the entrance as pretty door mats to gorgeous wall hangings, rugs can be the ultimate choice to compliment the contemporary or ethnic look of your interiors. These also serve as an amazing option for sofa and bed throws.

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Rugs as wall hangings

Rugs as wall hangingsRugs as wall hangings
Image source: www.makelyhome.coma

Never really thought that your walls would look this great without those expensive pieces of modern art, did you?


Since rugs are quite small and multi functional, they come in a variety of patterns, textures and shapes. One can have a tufted or furry  area rug underneath the dining table or sofa arrangement, an accent rug to add some drama to your bed room or hand woven custom made rugs as throws. Hand made, knitted rugs have been a great hit with home designers who want to make it look classy and traditional with lots of local influences.

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Carpets too come in a variety of materials like cotton, jute woollen with similar textures with not much of 3D, intrinsic detailing. The pattern/prints indeed are as wide as those with the rugs that can easily match with your style. Since carpets are intended to be  more or less a permanent fixing, they are usually thicker and heavier than usual rugs which helps in keeping them in  place.


When it comes to removing and cleaning, rugs are definitely much easier to clean than carpets which are often too large for a person to do it himself. Carpets, hence cannot be cleaned or washed frequently. For people living in urban areas where air is heavy with dust, it is always recommended to go with classy and thin area rugs (unless you are ready to spend a good portion of your day vacuum cleaning the floors ). That means that if you are blessed to have your home in a rural setting surrounded by lush green, choose large floor carpets to give it a royal touch.

So now, the question again is - Rugs or Carpets ? Both are amazing options to bring in some warm colours and warmth to your interiors. I hope these points help you choose the better of the two.

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