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The Story of My Home Dated:  July 12, 2014
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Meeting model Swapnila Gupta in person was a pleasure and not to mention, drenched in beautiful colors, her Studio Apartment was a bliss in itself! For those who are not aware of this, Swapnila has been crowned Miss Maxim 2014 lately and also she is one of the most celebrated models in India who has hosted various TV shows and has been featured in various magazines like MAXIM INDIA,SALON INTERNATIONAL, WOMAN'S ERA AND YOUTH IN CORPORATION, FEMINA AND FILMFARE. She has been working with some of the top brands in various creative streams and designations. She also got into different levels of excellence when she was selected the Master of Ceremonies, working for some of the top MNCs/FMGCs and Celebrites. She has been cover girls for MAXIM INDIA,SALON INTERNATIONAL, WOMAN'S ERA AND YOUTH IN CORPORATION.

Here is a brief account of what I could fetch from the conversation that took place at her studio apartment.   

As one enters your house, what’s the best thing one can notice according to you?
Me, myself...lol. Well, you should tell me what did you notice. (laughs)

Who all stay in your house? How do you maintain it?
I live alone but , yes, my family keeps visiting me often. I am fond of home maintenance and besides, I am a cleanliness freak who believes that cleanliness adds a lot of positivity in life.

Why did you chose to stay here?
I own a studio apartment in Goregaon East, Mumbai. I have shifted here two months ago. I had chosen this place as its affordable, peaceful and has a beautiful neighborhood.


The neighborhood of Swapnila's studio apt 

Any particular theme in your house, which you have followed while decorating it?
I love simplicity. That's why i have got earthy wooden furniture. Bright colors make these furniture pieces vibrant.There are chairs, bed-sheets, pillow covers, cushions,  curtains, night lamp, floor matt and plants which add reds, blues, yellows and greens to my simple white washed walls and white tiled home. Also I have mirrors on almost every wall which not only reflect light but also reflect  few perfect images of mine from every angle....(laughs)

bedroom interior design

Colorful bedroom interiors 

Can you describe your taste in furniture, paintings, decorative and they are picked up from? 
i love wooden furniture, especially the ones with antique designs. I am yet to add paintings on my walls. And i'll make sure it has antique wooden frames.  I intend to add more lights and lamps. i have heard of chor bazaar for antique works. Shall definitely visit there...

bedroom window

Bedroom Window with Table Lamp in the corner 

Your favorite room in the house would be?
Since I live in a studio apartment, every corner of my home is my favorite.

Favorite corner in the house?

I love every corner as I did mention earlier.

Your favorite possession would be?

My wooden books rack which is more than just a books rack.

wooden books rack

The wooden booksrack

Can you describe your bedroom for our readers?

My bedroom is gracefully occupied with a wooden bed with thick and comfortable mattress, lots of pillows and cushions and  the night lamp........and yes one 'All Out' for mosquitoes ( laughs)

Vibrant Decor

Modern Vibrant Bedroom

What are the colors you have played with on the walls?

I haven't got enough time for coloring and renovation before shifting...so i kept the white washed walls as it is...My balcony and kitchen will be renovated after rains...i would have more green plants but will keep the wall  white as i already have a lot of colors added.

bedroom window

Bedroom Window during the night 

Can you describe the other rooms or decor in your house?

Other rooms are  yet to be renovated.

Can you describe your washrooms, might be personal but if you can elaborate?

I have an ample big washroom with a shower area and a changing room.

What's the most cherished piece of

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or home decor item? Where did you pick it up from and why is it so special?
A hand made jhoomar made of sea shells that I had purchased during a work trip to Vizag. I had bought it quite a long time ago but haven't putting it to use any sooner. It is now hanging outside my window.

The best thing about it was that didn't get collapsed all this time while I have been shifting frequently from one rental to another, waiting for so long to finally put it to use. Eventually, this jhumar found it's place when I shifted to my own studio apartment.



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