11 Unusual Wooden Decor Ideas

Decor Tips Dated:  March 1, 2016
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Wooden Decor Idea

I wonder why wood never made it into the elite category of ‘5 elements of the earth’ or ‘ panch mahabhutas’ in Indian Philosophy. From times immemorial, wood has been a loyal partner to mankind in his day to day work. And now, it has raised its bar with a million products created out of this fine material. A house, in its totality, was once made of woods. The usage gradually decreased to doors, windows and furniture (atleast in some parts of the world).  But now, it is coming back with a bang. Certain home décor elements are now created only in wood while others are getting better in the wood versions.

Here is a short list of décor products and ideas of our ever loyal element on earth, which when alive makes the world greener and dedicates its after life to make our homes look better.

1. Kitchen backsplash
Kitchen backsplashes have been glossy and glamorous for quite some time. Glass, marbles, tiles, steel and what not. What if your kitchen gets a royal wooden backsplash. It will definitely beat its competitors with much ease. Just make sure that the wood is treated for water.

Kitchen backsplashKitchen backsplash
Image Source: www.home-designing.com

2. Reclaimed wood wall art
Walls are like canvas for painting. Anything and everything can get a perfect backdrop on walls like the  flower arrangement shown here. The artificial flowers in crystal clear glass bottles are mounted on the walls with a support of simple and stylish wooden blocks.

wood wall artwood wall art
Image Source: www.etsy.com

3. Wooden flower vase
A wooden vase on the table top will not be a bad option either. The raw, unfinished and bold structure of wood gives a stunning and sturdy support to the delicate flowers.

Decorative Wooden Flower VaseDecorative Wooden Flower Vase
Image Source: homesthetics.net

4. Drift wood candlebra
Candles have always been more than lights. One of the oldest lighting product we had, candles still remain a fine decorative element for special occasion. Here the gorgeous beauties get a fitting partner in a wooden candlebra done in a contemporary design. Indeed, the coming together of two timeless elements is a delight to watch!

Drift wood candlebraDrift wood candlebra
Image Source: www.thisnext.com

5. Wooden bathroom accessories
It will be a mistake to limit the use of wood to decorative items. Wood can be used for anything and everything you will probably need in your home. Here a stylish, contemporary sink is made out of fine wood that can create a bold statement for your bathroom.

Wooden bathroom accessoriesWooden bathroom accessories
Image Source: becoration.com

6. Wooden cloth/hat hangers
What can possibly be a better option than a wood hanger in its complete rawness to hang those  cowboy hats, leather jackets, satchels and belts? The boldness in each of the accessories is accentuated with a rustic unfinished wooden hanger to hold them all.

Wooden cloth/hat hangersWooden cloth/hat hangers
Image Source: visualresistance.org

7. Wooden chandelier
Gone are the days of those fairy tale houses which flaunted enormous crystal chandelier that flashed the lights onto the eyes of the onlookers. It is time for a simpler and stylish wooden chandelier. A contemporary styled house cannot get a better chandelier for the dining table.

Wooden chandelierWooden chandelier
Image Source: www.hgtv.com

8. Food storage containers
Dry food or pet food need not be hidden in the storage room anymore, if you have a classic wooden storage container like the one shown below. And the best part is that the storage unit is so good looking that it can sit anywhere in the house without demeaning the look.

storage containersstorage containers
Image Source: woodenfurniture.top

9. A backdrop for your TV
Your ultra modern LED TV will be happy to have a raw wooden pallet as its backdrop just like the one shown below. And the look you get? Your entertainment room is both modern and rustic at the same time.

A backdrop for your TVA backdrop for your TV
Image Source: stockpallets.com

10. Room dividers
You have acrylic, plastic, glass and a whole lot of other materials available in the market for room dividers. But none can beat the beauty of a well crafted wooden room divider that is in itself a master piece.

Room dividersRoom dividers
Image Source: www.aliexpress.com

11. Wooden wall clocks
Now, this one can be a super easy DIY project. Along with those glossy and lustrous décor items in the living room, a wooden wall clock is sure to stand out.

Wooden wall clocksWooden wall clocks
Image Source: mydesiredhome.com

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