Emboss your personality in your home

Decor Tips Dated:  Aug. 19, 2015
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Home Decor, Image Source: wincrest.com.au

The most essential thing to ultimately feel at home in your beautiful abode is by turning it from bland to captivating. How’s that done, you ask? By adding your own personality to your house.

You own a house to shelter yourself and live comfortable but that doesn’t mean you have to settle there and surround yourself in a dull house you don’t feel as your own home. Spice up your house and take it over the edge! Make your home feel all YOURS by incorporating your personality. Here are the ways you can add personality and reflect it to your home:

What is it you want? Determine what you really want; what theme you want to go for, are you satisfied with the interior structure of your home and the exterior structure of your home? What about the layout of your living, kitchen and dining room?

If you want your house to feel calming, energetic or stimulating once you lay foot inside, assimilate that and deliver it in your home. Who doesn’t want to come home in an enticing home? Also, you might want your guests to feel what you want to feel when inside. Let them know your home is yours and not compare it with anyone else’s.

A pop of color. The easiest and most budget-friendly way to truly transform your home and tweak your persona into it is color. Are you more ladylike? Shades of pink will do for you. Always energetic as you light the room every time -- yellow for the cheerful you.

Aside from painting your walls, you may opt for a bold-colored furniture, bed cover, an interesting room element and the likes. Your favorite color says a lot about you and it reflects who you are to your guests. Whenever you want a quick change, repaint the walls.

Artworks, art or photos. How are able to settle in a blank and tedious wall? Maximize the available space and decorate your walls. It’s a massive opportunity to bring your flavour throughout your pad. If you’re into painting and art in general, hang your artworks there. If not, buy one or print your favorite and memorable photos and put it on display. Or if you want to be inspired and motivated, remind yourself everyday by framing a quote and posting it in your wall. If you love wall art projects, don’t be shy to install it there.

Travel souvenirs. Surely you have traveled in your country and out of your nation, and for sure you have also bought travel souvenirs from your unforgettable trip. May it be a refrigerator magnet, a country map, or a flea market item, embellishing your home with memories from the places you’ve been will surely add flair and bring back the fun memories you spent in your trip whenever you see it.

Customize or DIY. Don’t hide your craft and Do-It-Yourself home items, have it seen. If you’re primary craft is cross stitching, display your works. Don’t be afraid to try and experiment with DIY home decor you’ll never know until you try. Who knows, you might like it enough to produce more DIY projects and maybe, just maybe, a friend or family member would like to have your DIY projects in their homes.

Valuable hand-me-downs. Just because it’s an old secondhand and came from your grandmother doesn’t mean it’s worthless of value. It’s the most valuable thing you would own in comparison with your brand new furniture. Hand-me-downs are fittings that has acquired countless memories which makes it worth a great deal. If you don’t think it fits well with the structure of your interior, don’t fret, you could just reinvent it. Another upside to this is having it for free or of lesser value depending on the agreement you come down to -- bonus points for being a less-spender!

Collection. What says so much about you than your collection, right? Your Marvel characters figurine collection is without a doubt worth exhibiting in your home. Your collection says so much about you; how dedicated, organized, committed and so on you are. Don’t just keep it in a box and let it be covered in dust. Don’t waste its value. But do remember, don’t over decorate. If it doesn’t fit anymore with everything that’s going on, stop and remember to observe balance.

Don’t let your home feel less of a home. Give it up a notch by illustrating your personality and don’t let it look monotonous. Throwing there a pinch of your creativity and design will showcase your persona and will definitely add more value to your home.

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