4 Zen terrace design ideas

Outdoors Dated:  Jan. 20, 2017
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IMAGE COURTESY- www.topinspirations.com

Zen believes in “Less is more & more is less”. It tries to use elements of nature– water, fire, earth & wind as pieces for decoration of a place.

The more you feel closer to the nature the more it affects your overall functioning.

Terrace is a place in our house where we try to connect with the nature & the outside world in today’s congested housing scenario. Just standing by a window & feeling fresh air rejuvenates us.

So why not make even better?

Creating a Zen themed terrace/balcony will not only make your little place better but it has health benefits too!!

PRINCIPLES OF ZEN [SOURCE-www.fastcodesign.com]

  • Use only what is necessary. Not more, not less.
  • Simplicity
  • Let the elements be as close to nature or in their natural form as possible. No manipulation as far as possible.
  • Let your space be imperfect and asymmetrical. For nature always leaves some chances for others to co-create, evolve and innovate.
  • Break from the routine. Imperfections pave way for more alert and innovative living.
  • Stillness and tranquillity. Zen is about creating your energy aura within your space. Choose elements which radiate positive energy and help you stay calm and at peace of mind.

Let’s get started…

Terrace gardens

Terrace gardensTerrace gardens
Image source: www.architectureartdesigns.com

Spacious terrace can be utilised efficiently to set-up a mini-garden inside your house itself. Integrate all the elements together, in such a way that let your interiors & exteriors merge into each other.

Mini gardenMini garden
Image source: www.landscapearchitects.biz

Some people might want to keep it simple & not so intensely Zen…….you could try just putting up some plants, a little sit-out & maybe a pond would do the job.

It shall contain all the same elements as the previous one, the only difference being it shall be confined to a specific space & will not soo intensely Zen!

Native rock effect flooring & a plant with some bamboo fencing creates a great get-a-way place!! It’s that simple.

Easy to maintain, simple, less & beautiful!

Balcony spaces

Balconies can be tricky to handle at times for they cater very little space; but the real thing what best use you can put that space to!

Get creative, figure out what you want to use it as? A sit-out….a stroll space? Your garden?

Zen coming from the Japanese, they have a certain of sitting….they sit on cushions….their seating is that simple! So why not go for something new & try it out??

Balcony gardenBalcony garden
Image source: www.domainehome.com

See how monochrome with some greens transforms the look & feel of the place completely!!

A sit-out garden it is!! It requires almost nil maintenance & you can just sit back relaxed & enjoy your view!

Balcony PlantBalcony Plant
Image source: www.topinspirations.com

If you do not want to congest your balcony with plants….& for those who have flower beds, you could go for having just the seating in your balcony & put the plants outside into the flower beds!

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