Metra Sunblades
Metra Sunblades Metra Sunblades Metra Sunblades Metra Sunblades Metra Sunblades Metra Sunblades Metra Sunblades Metra Sunblades

Metra Sunblades

The contemporary and evolved style that the Metra Sunblades system is capable of offering is truly extraordinary. The new Sunblades series is more than a simple instrument for sun protection: its application goes from the building to the private house and aesthetically improves almost any architectural form.

Any habitat typology becomes rewarding and more liveable given the choice between light, shadow and dark, at any time of the day and with great ease.

The simple insertion of photovoltaic panels onto the blades produces clean energy with a low environmental impact.

The Sunblades can have the same finishings as all Metra systems and the automatisms are managed by a domotics system.

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