Namu Eco 2515 – Outdoor Decking and Landscaping Materials
Namu Eco 2515 – Outdoor Decking and Landscaping Materials

Namu Eco 2515 – Outdoor Decking and Landscaping Materials

Premium outdoor decking and landscaping product

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Available Colors:*
Size:   (thickness):25 mm (width):150 mm (standard length):3000mm

Adarsh Developers Brigade Group RMZ Infinity Mall

Key Projects: [India] Adarsh Palm Retreat-Bangalore RMZ Infinity Mall-Bangalore Orion Mall (Brigade Group)-Bangalore [Hong Kong] Ocean Park [South Korea] Various government projects

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Product Details
Material wood composite
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 12.50 Kg
Product Dimensions (thickness):25 mm (width):150 mm (standard length):3000mm
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