NCL ABS Smart door
NCL ABS Smart door

NCL ABS Smart door

ABS is a thermoplastic consisting of Acrylonitrile, Butadiene and Styrene. Butadiene is a derivative of Natural Rubber and that is largely responsible for the strength and impact resistance.

ABS gets his strength and rigidity from Acrylonitrile and Styrene and the toughness from Butadiene. It is considered superior for its hardness, toughness and impact resistance.

There are several mechanical properties of ABS which are really advantageous.for Door. The properties of Water Proof, Impact resistance and toughness makes it ideal for use across several applications.

ABS is recyclable and light in weight. It is also found to be Dimensionally stable and does not bend or twist so easily. ABS is also Flame Retardant, Water Proof and Heat Resistant.

Special Design

Suitable for all residential buildings, Hotels, Offices, Retaurants, Hospitals & Institutions etc.

Durabillity / Maintenance

Simple wiping of frame & Panel Keeps the door beautiful - year after year. See all details

Available Colors:* Size:   customized
Clients: Indian Institute of Management, Trichy Infinity Foundations NCC Mutto Medical College, Nagercoil The Botanika Puskar Properties Krishnapattinam Port, Nellore Navayuga Semcorp
Key Projects: Indian Institute of Management, Trichy NCC Mutto Medical College, Nagercoil The Botanika Krishnapattinam Port, Nellore Navayuga Semcorp

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Pan India

Price: Rs. 12,500/-
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Material ABS
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