Illuminated Seater Piero - S
Illuminated Seater Piero - S Illuminated Seater Piero - S Illuminated Seater Piero - S Illuminated Seater Piero - S Illuminated Seater Piero - S Illuminated Seater Piero - S

Illuminated Seater Piero - S

Piero Means "Stone". Designed With Great Detail And Used As Seating, This Product Is Simply Beautiful In All Its Form - Solid Color And Marble Finish. Spread Piero Around Coutyards, Gardens, Terraces - Wherever You Want Casual Seating. There Are No Sharp Edges And Is Very Comfortable To Sit On.

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Available Colors:* Size:   65(L) x 50(W) x 40(H) cm

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Product Details
Material UV Stabalized, Non Fading Polyethylene (100% Recyclable)
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 8.50 Kg
Product Dimensions 65(L) x 50(W) x 40(H) cm
Other Specifications & Standards Compliance
Illuminated Seater Piero - S Illuminated Seater Piero


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