Pre Finished Wooden Doors
Pre Finished Wooden Doors

Pre Finished Wooden Doors

With the introduction of world class core materials in India, Ecube is setting a revolution in the Indian manufacturing industry. Ecube promotes the European concept of using eco-friendly and light weight durable door in fills such as honey core and tubular cores. As with many of our ranges, we offer doors suitable for both contemporary and traditional applications. In addition, as with many of our designs, they can be used as double doors. We also manufacture frames and architraves which are pre-finished to compliment many of your chosen internal doors.


·      Moulded panel doors

·      Decorative door

·      Veneered door

·      Laminated door

·      Solid wood door

·      Door frames

·      Window frames

·      Fire rated doors


·  Timber: The timber used for the wooden doors, frames and shutter frames are chemically treated and kiln dried, and are available with desired moisture content level ensuring quality standards.
·  Core: Ecube provides cores of various types such as high performance timber core, honey core, compressed tubular cores, HDF and MDF board cores.
·  Skins: A variety of door skin options are available such as HD Masonite, plain, moulded, Laminated MDF and HDF, Stylish Veneer – plain, grooved and classic solid wood.
·  Finishes: Ecube manufactures doors that are finished with melamine, duco, specialty PU and desired glossy, matt and satin, through Italian specialty finishing lines. The doors are oven dried without any human interface.
·  Fixing: Door frames are fixed using highly advanced foam technology and finished with acrylic paintable sealants. Ecube also provides designer architraves for an elegant and aesthetic appeal. All necessary boring and routing for fixing hardware are pre finished at factory using CNC machinery. Thereby, achieving the best performance post installation.

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Material Pre finished wooden doors
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