Premium Proximity Card Digital Door Lock YDM3109
Premium Proximity Card Digital Door Lock YDM3109

Premium Proximity Card Digital Door Lock YDM3109

Various access Yale
YDM3109 has two access solutions, PIN code or proximity card key at your convenience.    

Smart Touchpad
To prevent the password from being exposed due to residual fingerprints after opening a door, a new technology has been adopted to complete the door opening process by touching the keypad with a palm after entering the password.

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Available Colors:* Size:   27(D) x 68.6(W) x 306.6(H) mm

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Product Details
Model Number YDM3109
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 27(D) x 68.6(W) x 306.6(H) mm
Other Specifications & Standards Compliance

Operation status notification
Whenever any operation is made, the keypad informs you what is happened through different alignment of the numbers.

Mechanical key override
For emergency, it can also be unlocked with a mechanical key.

Missing card key invalidationDoor Locking System
If you lose your proximity card key, it has no validation once you re-register rest of your keys.

Automatic locking
Yale Digital Door Lock series automatically locks a door after checking it is properly closed. (Manual operation is also available.)

Anti-panic egress with Safe Handle
 For convenience and in case of emergency, the door is automatically unlocked whenever the inner lever handle is used. The safe handle will protect from any break-in attempts.

Alarm (Break / Damage)
80dB alarm goes off if anyone attempts to damage the lock or force the door open, or the lock detects over 60°C.

Low battery and emergency power
An alarm and LED warning is given by the lock in case of low battery. When the batteries are completely discharged, you can easily supply emergency power to the lock with a standard 9V battery.

Remote control (Optional)
 A remote control option that works on floating lD technology is also available. It has a range of 50m.

Product Specification
Type     Mortise lock
Proximity card keys 4 (Max 40)
PIN code 6 - 12 digits
Mechanical key 2
Backset 60mm
Applicable door range 40 - 80mm
Finish Silver/Gold


• Front Body: 27(D) x (W) x (H) mm
• Back Body: 37(D) x (W) x (H) mm
• Door Material: Wooden/Metal

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