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Product Barons Dated:  Jan. 16, 2014
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Mr. Abhinav Gaind- The founder

Where high end living is the talk of the town, investment hardly knows any bounds. Well, keeping the monetary factor apart, the western living inspired elite class is seemed to be coping up with other problems, the most common being- dearth of western products in India. And when there is a question of diversity, the problem doubles.

India is certainly blessed with a number of people with fine taste in Western interiors, especially, the Italian ones. Reproduction of the same decor as in Italy seemed almost impossible in the past. No doubts, replica of the original Italian furniture is available everywhere, but real Italian furniture is irreplaceable. Those who are aware of the aesthetics and quality can easily figure out the difference.

With Anta Overseas, it's for sure that one looking for pure Italian furniture need not go all the way to Italy to materialize their dream. Neither do they need to order furniture online and wait for months until the delivery. Situated in the periphery of national capital region of India in Gurgaon, Anta Overseas deals with pure Italian furniture which is imported straight from Italy. And the best part, Anta brings it to Indian customers as per their requirements! After the three months of manufacturing process in Italy, the customized furniture made up of Italian raw materials is made available to the customers.

Delving into the history, the business of Anta Overseas was started about a couple of yrs ago when the founder Mr. Abhinav Gaind returned back to India after spending a couple of yrs in Italy. Back there in Italy, he was fascinated by the decor and thought of recreating the same magic here in India. It was in 2011, when they displayed their first products in ACE-TECH, while there main showroom which was inaugurated by the Italian Ambassador himself - The formal opening on Jan 8 2012.

Anta Overseas works in collaboration with architects and interior designers to meet the aesthetic demands of the homeowners and providing solutions that seem impossible otherwise. For instance Anta overseas had recently displayed a Door at the ACE-TECH New Delhi in 2013 which was 14ft high, resting only on 4 hinges and could be operated at a touch of a finger.

Products at a Glance

Anta Overseas deals with Kitchens, Doors, Windows and Wardrobes. The exclusive showroom in Gurgaon displays all the products. You will find 11 most popular brands from Italy under one roof.

Abhinav Gaind posing in front of his top-notch brand names display


A Kitchen Countertop

All kitchen counter-tops are backed with various finishes such as concrete and stone finishes. The various shutter finishes available are Concrete, Laminates, Veeners, Glass, Porcleain all in matt and High Gloss variants. Granite and silestone constitutes the raw material for successful countertops.

Berger Clean Room Coating
Berger Anti Carbonation Coating
Berger Silk Luxury Emulsion Scratch-resistant, Bio-resistant Paint


The advantage of such high grade materials is visible from the aesthetics. The design is straight, accurate and durable and backed by the prompt after sales service when required. Not to forget the Designing is nothing but out of the box keeping in mind the utility and aesthetics.


A swanky Flushed Door

Anta deals with various types of doors ranging from the ones with stainless steel cores to the pocket doors. There are internal doors, Security doors and Garage doors. Security doors are perfect for those who prefer luxury in combination with security and style. Apart from Security Doors, there are flushed doors which merge with the wall and make another statement.

A Security Door

A few brands available for Doors are Lualdi, Res Italia and Silvelox.


A typical premium window is usually made up of aluminum or Alu- wood, that is, the outer covering is aluminum and the core is wooden, until you come across wood-glass windows displayed at the Anta Showrooma where the outer leaf is complete flushed glazed glass- various options of wood species and finishes are available to mesmerize you.


A Coplanar Wardrobe
A customized wardrobe soultion by Anta

Advantages of Anta Furniture

  • 100% Italian luxury made affordable.
  • Impeccable finishing
  • High Quality
  • Reliable
  • Thermally and Acoustically insulated
  • Durable

Photo Credits: Riku Sharma

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