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Product Barons Dated:  Feb. 27, 2015
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Anita Dalmia

Anita Dalmia, the well known Delhi-based Designer, has been making waves for her work in Home furnishings and Accessories. Her interest in design started when she wanted to redo her room in a way that it spoke of her personality. This incident and inspiration from her Guru, motivated her to launch AnitaDalmia Designs in 2009. The colors being used in her designs speak of the diversity of Indian culture and tradition. Some of her prominent clients are Lemon Tree Hotel Bangalore, Mulberry Store Hyderabad & Bangalore and others. By education, she is a graphic designer who completed her Diploma in Fashion Design from the American College for Applied Arts.cushion designs for sofas

Here are some excerpts from my chat with her.

What inspires you to be a Designer?
My Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji has been my inspiration. I wanted to redo my room; being a Graphic Designer, I wanted to use my own personal self which reflects my image. I never wanted to buy any fabric, so I enhanced and combined my graphic skills, to create designs for my room and gradually went on to create design for my sofa. People started to like my designs and complimented my work. I created designs just for fun and started to get them printed. Because of my Guru's inspiration, and my need for personal space and self-reflection, I started AnitaDalmia Design.

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How many years have you been in this field?
I've been designing for more than five years. I started Anita Dalmia design in December 2009.

Cushion Designs with Tufted Couch

Can you tell us something about your work?
The designs that I created speak a lot about the diversity of Indian culture. The colors that are being used in my design speaks of the festivals and celebrations of my country.

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What are your future plans?
I have no idea. To be honest with you, I am a moody person, I move with the flow and I live for the moment. If there is a need to expand my organization, I will do it and if I feel that I'm not ready for it, I won't.

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