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Product Barons Dated:  March 2, 2015
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Anuja Gupta

Anuja Gupta, a management graduate from the US, started Apartment 9 with her partner 10 years ago. Today Apartment 9 is a name to reckon with in the Interior and Home Decor business. The designs of Anuja's furniture and interiors are artistic. Most of her designs are made here in India and are exported abroad, primarily to the UK and USA. Apartment 9 also designs & manufactures furniture for the brand, Andrew Martin which is well known throughout the world.

Study Room Interior

Here are some excerpts from my chat with her.

Your designs are very artistic. Does it stem from your being an artist?
No, we are not artists. But both of us are management students and we just love what we do. We love to create spaces that feel a certain way.

Living Room Interior

Where do you source your furniture pieces from?
Most of our designs are being created and assembled by our own team of designers, and they are being manufactured in India itself. Some of our furniture collections are from the brand, “Andrew Martin”. Out of the total products in our studio, 80% are our own products and the rest of 20% consist of imported brands.

Living Room Furniture and Decor Accessories

What will be your suggestion to students who are interested in Accessory design & Interior design?
Design in India is growing, people have started to appreciate design. Indian design is also getting recognition from other countries. For students, who are studying design, there are a lot of designs that needs to be explored. And Apartment 9 is constantly looking for students with new ideas,who can add more value to what we are currently doing.

Living Room Furniture with Decor Accessories

Are you planning to export Indian designs abroad?
Yes, we sell a lot of furniture abroad. We also make a lot of furniture for the brand “Andrew Martin” and other brands as well.

Decor Accessories

Which countries are you targeting at the moment?
We would love to sell all over the world, and to anyone who understands what we are doing. We don’t limit ourselves just to one country alone. For the moment, we are selling to the UK and the USA.

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