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Product Barons Dated:  March 2, 2015
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Garima Agarwal

Garima Agarwal, the founder of Peek-a-boo Patterns started this venture as a result of her search to make her kid’s space a living dream. Looking at her designs, one can imagine her love for kids and Peek-a-boo's vision to provide customized, fun, yet functional designs for kids' rooms. Each of her designs has a distinct identity and you would hardly find repetitive patterns. Garima focuses on customized designs and interacts one-on-one with her clients.

toddler home

Here are the excerpts from my chat with her at the India Design ID 2015...

How did this concept come to your mind?

I was doing up my kid’s room and felt a big void in the market. At that point of time, ie 10 years back there was nothing available in India. Since I'm a designer, I have always been creative and thought there is a great scope if I start something for kids. I started and eventually got a good response.

I call it Peek-a-boo because it is like an expression of “hide & seek”; it is a playful word. I started first with designing curtains because kids like playing “hide & seek” behind the curtains; it's like saying “Peek-a-boo, I saw you” and therefore this name went well with the brand and with the concept.

Out in the woods- Nursery concept

When did you start your venture?
We started ten years back designing furnishings, curtains, bed linen and now we've expanded into designing entire spaces for kids. It includes wall treatment, flooring, innovative concepts for accessories and a range of high quality and aesthetically superb furniture. 

Say cheese corner

Your designs are very unique. You design for kids and students of different age groups. What is the USP of your brand?Customizing is my forte. I believe every child is different. Each child has his own dream, curiosity, innocence and hobbies. I’d like to cater to them on one-on-one basis, if the project demands. 

Activity table set

What are your expansion plans?

We have been shipping our products pan India. We also have a very nice ecommerce website where people can buy our collections online. We are looking for collaborations with shop-in-shop concept.
In Delhi, people love my work here at the India Design ID. I haven't had such a tremendous response, like in Delhi. The response has been fantastic.

Doll house

Do you have any collaboration with playschools and nursery schools because it relates a lot to your product?

Yes, in Chennai we are well known in the market. We provide design tips to nursery schools and playschools and we also give them 20% discount on every purchase.

Study desk set

What is your suggestion to young designers?

They should not have restrictions. There shouldn't be any box. Whatever they are doing, they should do it from their heart because I followed my heart and I enjoy seeing smiles on the kids' faces. For youngsters, if you follow

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heart, and do what you like, then the product turns around right.  

I like using colors in my design. The colors that I use are based on principles of energy because I've studied energy. I use a lot of soft fabrics because it is very comfortable for the kids and they can also sleep well. Any design; when you create it from the heart, would automatically give you a fantastic result. A design can be anything, it can be an office design or a hospital design but it needs to be designed from the heart. 

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