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Product Barons Dated:  Feb. 28, 2015
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Hardik Gandhi

Hardik Gandhi, an NID Ahmedabad graduate, started the Design Gandhi studio in 2011. In a short span of 4 years, he has won several design awards, including the Elle Decor young talent award where he got a chance to visit and showcase his work at Frankfurt.

Here are some excerpts from my chat with him at the recently concluded India Design ID 2015.


You have a lot of design collections. How many days does it take to create these designs?
One piece can take two to three months and some designs can be created overnight, depending on the complexity and simplicity of the design.

ottoman by Design Gandhi Studio

What inspires you to create these designs which are very different?
I usually get inspired from my day to day life and personal experiences. My daily needs and requirement enable me to create designs that are different from the ordinary things that I see around. Sometimes I come up with different kind of weird ideas, I infiltrate these ideas  and start to create designs that are functional, appealing and which are also affordable to the end user. Being an Industry designer, I want to make things which are "massy", yet classy. I want my designs to be desired and accessed by everyone and not just for the fancy of design. And I make things which are meaningful.

Bench & Ottoman

Can you tell us something about your achievements?
So far I've won seven to eight design awards, including the young talent Elle Decor award  in  2013, which gave me a chance to visit and showcase my work at Frankfurt. 

heart shaped stool

How was your experience at Frankfurt?
The experience is good. People do appreciate Indian design. They really admire our way of working and designing, and they like the eclecticism of our designers which is being seen in their work. 

round shaped stool

Do you have any plans of opening up a store in Delhi?
Delhi; I would say, the world has become one, and virtually I'm there everywhere. I also have tie-ups with a couple of e-commerce companies that sell my products. 


What are your suggestions to other young designers starting out?
Just focus on the design part of it. Don't go for one-offs because India really needs good design. Everyone deserves good design, but

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Berger Silk Designzz
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on masses and not on one or two persons. Don't be an artist but be a designer because design has a very deep meaning.

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