Pradeep Sachdeva - Windmill Furniture

Product Barons Dated:  Aug. 29, 2014
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Architect: Pradeep Sachdeva

Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates is well known for achieving several milestones in architecture - mainly in hospitality and urban design. However, it has rightly been said that creativity never draws a line and we got to witness a remarkable quintessence of such creativity the day we visited PSDA office.  On our recent visit to the Windmills Place - the house of Pradeep Sachdeva Design Studio, we were more than surprised to find out that they have their own furniture manufacturing unit along with a compete furniture showroom and the brand goes by the name Windmills. The name Windmills Place wasn’t coincidental at all.

Call the small scale business a by-product of innovation or enthusiasm, Windmill offers furniture pieces which are well tailored to the needs of the client. These pieces are timeless and sync well with all possible décor styles.

Now, here is a small scoop of what we saw, heard and recorded that day.

Tell us about the inception of Windmill and its journey so far.
We started Windmill in the year 1987. Our goal was to popularize the concept of handcrafted furniture. In the span of last two and half decades we have been designing custom, handcrafted and contemporary wooden furniture for residential as well as commercial purposes.

Describe your furniture line. What is the design concept - traditional, vintage or modern?
Windmill is known for its extraordinary handcrafted furniture made up of quality wood. The furniture style is neither very modern nor very traditional or vintage. Here we manufacture furniture pieces with clean lines that go with all possible décor styles. We don’t do ornate carvings. You can say that all our pieces are timeless – you won’t need to change the sofa every 10 or 20 yrs because it is designed to compromise with all possible seasons. Also we design customized

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based on the requirements of our clients. We have a plethora of in-house craftsmen who help us to achieve our goals.

You have a manufacturing workshop in here. How do you think this adds to your architecture business?
The best part of having an in-house manufacturing unit is that if we have product design requirements for a particular project, we can always design it here. We can always create a prototype and test it before introducing it to the market.

Elaborate your furniture range.
At Windmill, we manufacture and design all kinds of furniture - sofas, chairs, coffee table, side table, chairs, wall hangings and décor accessories.

Well, we have heard about the Windmill Design Festival organized by Windmill. Could you elaborate?
We have been organizing Windmill design festival since last two years which is usually scheduled in early part of the year.  Every year we see a huge community of designers whom we work with. Also, we sell stuff from the showroom. One of our in house designers Aditi Prakash displays her line of bags. We also have performances for two days.

What’s the USP of Windmill?
A lot of these furniture pieces are timeless - infact their design itself answers

Windmill Chair
Windmill Dash Sofa
they would never look outdated. Then again, we have never compromised with Quality and this is the reason we have a number of returning clients. We have developed a couple of strong relationships which are long term. Even the people who have left India and moved abroad also come here especially for Windmill furniture.

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