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Product Barons Dated:  Feb. 20, 2014
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Yuvraj Singh Ahuja- Director, Sereno

Peace and serenity amidst nature is what mankind has felt one with and craved for, since ages. The quest for this peace continues in modern times, even more ardently, as we seek tranquility and harmony after a long day of struggling with the vagaries of modern day life.  Yuvraj Singh Ahuja always dreamt of designing products that would change the ambience of a place dramatically. His ardent passion to do something close to his heart gave birth to Sereno.

Sereno Design SERENO- The Brand 

Yuvraj is quite enthusiastic about his brand that has already seen success since its inception three years ago. With an impeccable line of illuminated planters and seating, Sereno has really made a statement and has been successful in offering ways to experience the calming effect of nature and light indoors. 

Where did the whole idea come from? 

I joined my father’s business, which is in polymer products in 1998 and being an architect by profession and keen about design, I got inspired by these products from Italy and Spain and ended up establishing a new line of indoor and outdoor products here at India. 

The firm was established in Delhi and got a fantastic regional response. This encouraged us to take up some projects in Goa and hotels and restaurants in Chennai. 

Describe your product line for us. 

SERENO’S product line consists of lit up products for everyday living. I was keen on designing products that would enhance the living environments. These planters and seatings can bewitch your lawns, terrace gardens, living room and bedrooms. The soft lighting puts you in serene mood. P.S. The name SERENO comes from Italian word sereno which means serene and calm.

illuminated planters outdoor
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/> Illuminated Planters 

A word on the technology involved. 

The illuminated planters are made out of plastic moulding. The process is more or less like baking a product. A polymer and a powder is taken and baked into a mould. The LEDs used are from Samsung- this is how the products light up. 

What’s your product’s Unique Selling Proposition? 

Indian Market hasn’t witnessed products like this and working in the Polymer Industry for past fifteen years, I gained that edge to bring out something exceptionally new. 

What differentiates these products from its foreign counterparts? 

The products are based in India, the material is 100% recyclable and we have some fantastic designs , thankfully we are backed by some good designers , at the same time the customers  are backed by a quality service.

What are you planning on in the near future?

As far as the brand’s future is concerned, We are envisaging on having more creative designs in the same line. We are looking forward to move on to newer cities and spread the word globally-to Australia, New Zealand , Europe and US. 


For more info, visit sereno.co.in

Photo Credits: Riku Sharma

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