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Abin Chaudhuri

Kolkata, West Bengal, India-700019

6 Ballygunge Place, Kolkata, Hospitality-Restaurant & Cafe

Of all the socio-cultural interfaces that shape up the cultural identities, cuisines are the quintessential part. The design for renovating 6, Ballygunge Place an eminent restaurant that serves Bengali cuisine when commissioned to Abin Design Studio, one of the leading architectural firm in Kolkata in collaboration with Square Consultancy Services, a young enterprising firm specialising in hospitality and restaurant design, the architects decided to develop a new language that syncs the dining experience with the rich cultural heritage of Bengal.

The design was conceived in totality and expressed itself at different scales, from the architectural facade rendition to the design of light fixtures and window curtains.

The project involved a total upliftment of exterior, addition of floor area to house extra dining space and services aided by congruous landscaping.

The architects decided to play around the beautiful residential structure with flanking balconies, louvered windows and magnificent arches through a design that is inspired from the traditional Bengal Art but with a contemporary expression. They lightened the boundary interface through use of railings providing visual permeability and used suitably positioned greenery to frame the building. The added portion was treated differently.

They consciously refrained from recreating nineteenth century Bengal which was a natural temptation. Instead the homage to traditional art and culture was envisioned through some kitschy tweaking of colours and use of industrial products to represent traditional designs.

Because the spatial arrangements of the interior were in form of segregated rooms, the architects decided to have slight variances in each of them so that repeat users can have different dining experiences each time. The rooms were intimately designed for the first floor in contrast with the second floor which provides an expansive banquet hall. While the first and the second floors use expansive black and white chequered floors that were ubiquitous in traditional mansions, the ground floor provides a predominantly rustic grey surface with patterns at the centre.

The principal inspirations came from the paintings of Lalu Prasad Shaw, the form, figure and brilliant colour compositions of his works were transliterated architecturally in the form of hand painted walls, furniture and lighting design. The idea was to proliferate the theme in spatial and temporal domains rather than using as mere wall embellishments.

The second major influence that dominated the exterior and parts of first floor interior came from Sahaj Path, the Bengali's version of Bible. The vivid imageries once illustrated by Abanindranath Tagore that are so deeply ingrained in the minds of Bengali society creates a sense of belonging and relates the users with the environment.

The exterior painted in pristine white provides the perfect canvas for oversized painted motifs from Sahaj Path that wraps around the ground floor.

But a large part of Bengali art and painting also remains grateful to the local unorganised artisans and painters. The Bengal potochitro that so inextricably depicts the local flavour could not be avoided. The huge wall at the first floor framed by a series of arches presents a traditional wall painting as one enters. The central hall is designed with Sahaj path motifs and provides a symbolic representation of balcony on one side.  The smaller rooms house Sara paintings on the walls. These are augmented by wooden louvered fenestrations that allow filtered sunlight to create an interplay of light and shade that enlivens the interior.  Accent lights were customised that combined illumination and decoration. While the central buffet holds a chandelier made with traditional Bengali kitchen equipments, the cage chandeliers exploits traditional Bengali fascinations with pet birds.

The overall design which was possible only because of unflinching support of a large team involving architects, interior designers, graphic artists, painters, sculptors, technicians and labourers attempts to provide visual and textural cues for the users to indulge in reminiscence but does not becomes overtly pedagogical in its expression.

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