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Anand Jay

Bangalore, Karnataka, India-560027 |Practicing since: June 11, 2012

Villa of Mr. Lokesh, Residential-Single family dwelling

Interiors done for Mr. Lokesh for his Villa in the outskirts of Bangalore.

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Mr Lokesh

ZingyEdit: Pepping up the interiors with a bold hue of pink, adds a zing factor within the bedroom. Use of pure whites, sublimes the zing factor.

This picture relates to/has: Bedroom, chesterfields (overstuffed sofas), bed, Clothes Wardrobe, Furniture, Carpet, cove light, Lighting, Indoors, Interior Design, Room, Couch, Apartment, Studio Couch, Home Decor, Cushion, Pillow, Home Storage & Organization, False Ceilings and Drywalls, Center Tables, TV Units



ZingyEdit: Exhibiting designer panels of false ceiling, this room shows daring attempts to interior design which finally succeed.

This picture relates to/has: Living Room, L-Shaped Sofa, Flooring Tiles, Refrigerator, Lighting, Indoors, Room, Reception, Door, Fridge, False Ceilings and Drywalls, Wall Decor, Ceiling Light, Designer Ceilings, TV Units, Texture Finishes


ZingyEdit: Monochromatic musings define spaces within the bedroom.

This picture relates to/has: finish flooring, double bed, Clothes Wardrobe, Indoors, Interior Design, Room, Home Decor, Curtain


ZingyEdit: A bright new, innovative concept introducing colorful coves within false ceilings and wall panels of different areas, bring vibrancy and liveliness within the interiors.

This picture relates to/has: Lobby, glass railing, Lighting, Indoors, Interior Design, Room, Reception, Apartment, Home Storage & Organization, Designer Ceilings, Stone Finishes, Designer Washbasins


ZingyEdit: Bold red hue, always adds up to the zing factor within a room. Introducing it within a bedroom, peps up personal notions exuberating liveliness!

This picture relates to/has: Hanging Ceiling Light, Lighting, Indoors, Interior Design, Room, Lamp, Lampshade, Home Decor, Linen, Tablecloth, Curtain, Bedding Accessories, TV Units, Ceiling Panels


ZingyEdit: A vibrant yellow luminescence adds up to the confined living area, bringing a sense of comfort and a notion of coziness within the space.

This picture relates to/has: Living Room, cabriole sofas, wooden rafters ceiling, cove light, Lighting, Indoors, Interior Design, Room, Flower Arrangement, Ikebana, Plant, Potted Plant, Flower, Flower Bouquet, Light Fixture, Vault Ceiling, Banister, Art, Modern Art, Home Decor, Floral Design, Curtain, Hall, False Ceilings and Drywalls, Center Tables, Carpets & Rugs


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