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Anil Laul

Faridabad , Haryana, India-121003

Bio-Climatic School, Vadodara, Institutional-School

Project Status: Completed

The biggest influencing factor on the Human Mind is the built form and thereby the environment that is generatedas a consequence of this. The architecture of the school has a direct impact on the behavioural pattern on the mindsof those who occupy them. Buildings, and more so, the Bioclimatic School in Vadodara, is therefore be a testimonyto this factor.

The school building hence designed aspires to be a living experience where kids spend the most importantformative years of their lives. The Built form of the school leads a person from the outside into the inside and vice versa with ease. It is an experience where students would want to spend most of their time. The inner and theouter spaces are not definitive but blend with each other. The out-scape runs into the in-scape.

The emphasis is on the interaction. Open areas form courtyard spaces within the building provides spots forstudents to play, work and interact.

The intent was to design a school which inspires learning and ensures a healthy teacher pupil relationshipwhere teachers want to spend their time intermingling with the kids. This distinctive characteristic, over the years, leaves a lasting subconscious imprint on the minds of the kids.

The strategy followed for the multi-cultural vision of the project is a simple ideology of achieving sustainability together with a sense of space to achieve an exemplary State of Art building complex through:

 “The Integration of the Architect, the Engineer, the Artist and the Artisan”

The intent is to move away from building the RCC platforms and supports that just meet the norms as laid out by the Municipal Bodies which are later dressed with finishes and materials to constitute design.

The school is visually striking and makes a statement, with a simple palette of attractive recycled regional materials, detailed carefully to be durable and easily maintained, giving it an identity in its community; the school site being adjacent to a temple and palace.

Further, the design ensures use of renewable energy sources together with an innovative design with energy efficient concept.

The hollow-core interlocking block has been used as the walling system. These blocks were listed as one of the six best products for the year 2001 by the Design Sense Museum, London and nominated as 'Stockholm Partners' for the year 2002 for 'Earthquake Resistant Housing'. The paper-mache block for its intrinsic properties has been used in a pre-school in Vadodara, Gujarat, India.

The whole design has been derived from the micro function – the most significant learning space – the classroom. In other words the micro detail has been determinedin order to arrive at the master plan.

The classroom is often seen as rectangular space to serve its function. A black board, windows, a door and adequate but minimal seating furniture as may be required. And yetwe know that a Fan shaped seating is best suited for a class room.

The attractive roofing is funicular shells on a triangular grid. The shell roof ensures conservation of natural resources by utilisingwaste materials effectively and optimising the use of expensive steeland cement.Further, the arch distributes the point load in all directions equally thus,is able to withstand impact loading at any point. Triangular grid of funicular shell gives the illusion of a larger space.

Certainly, architecture is the art of building suitably with suitable material and this project and the product truly proves that point.

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vadodara school

vadodara school


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