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B-square Architects

Nashik, Maharashtra, India-422005

Nayantara C5, Residential-Single family dwelling

THE 3-BHK apartment in the plush Nayantara Apartment is simple and adheres to the functional needs of all family members. 

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Simplicity & Grace...


It's a simple play of materials and clean lines. A contrast of white paint and brown veneer provides the color palette for the home. 

ZingyEdit: Alluring luxurious, bright interiors.

This picture relates to/has: Living Room, Small Living Room, sofa, Curtains, Decor Accessories


The  artifacts are showcased in strategic corners and niches, and the space sports a neat, uncluttered look. 

This picture relates to/has: Living Room, Large Living Room, sofa, couch, Area Rug


There is an intrinsic appeal in simplicity. And when used well, the simplest designs can have the most profound impact. 

This picture relates to/has: Living Room, Living cum Dining Room, sofa, cushions, Glass Coffee Table, Recessed Lights, Porcelain Floor, Flower Vase, Centerpiece, Area Rug, Curtains, Chairs, Dining Table, Furniture


The dining area sits next to living room, ensonced in its private niche, yet serving as an extension of the living space. Crystal Chandeliers hanging over the dining table further emphasize the lavishness of the décor.

This picture relates to/has: Dining Room, Large Dining Room, Ceiling Design, granite flooring, Centerpiece, Chairs, Dining Table, Hanging Ceiling Light, Furniture


Glass has be used creatively in unit shutters and partition so as make the space visually larger. 

This picture relates to/has: Kitchen, Large Kitchen, gas stove, Recessed Lights, Flooring Tiles, Stool, Granite Counter Top, Furniture


Master Bedroom design with wall paper on bed back, floral metal lamp and artifacts.


Master Bedroom

ZingyEdit: A storage drawer in bed, an apt use of anthropometry inviting spaciousness.

This picture relates to/has: Bedroom, Master Bedroom, cushions, pillows, blinds, Recessed Lights, Neon Lights, Flooring Tiles, Storage Bed, Planters, window blinds, Furniture


The eye catching feature of the children's room is the multicolored 'pod', which combines the functions of sleep, play and relaxation. 


Instead of conventional paint, Color changing L.E.D is used in children’s room to add to the theme décor.


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