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Dipen Gada

Vadodara, Gujarat, India-390007

Bathworld, Baroda, Retail-Shop interiors

A retail showroom has two main functions-one to cater to the demands of the customer and second to play on the product to increase customers demand. When this demand is taken a step ahead and there is a synchronized collaboration between the product and the design then the result is design concept for this sanitary ware showroom. Situated in Vadodara, it is one of the most renowned and reputed sanitary ware and tile showroom in Gujarat. Keeping this in mind, the design team was determined to ensure that this retail/ display space for sanitary ware, Philips lighting, tiles and artwork would be completely different from the run-of-the-mill showrooms with bright lights and rows upon rows of products.

The showroom was designed as an expansion to their already existing 2000sq ft. space for more exclusive and plush brand display. This 3500 sq. ft. space was conceptualized as taking product as a base module and then working everything around it like the niches for product display, live shower counters, artifacts and furnishings.

Rustic, rugged, dark and gloomy spaces were thought as a solution with the only elements highlighted being the product line.

Black slate used as general flooring renders a rustic effect to the space and the wine painted ceiling completes the idea. The basic product color line is chrome and white which is a stark contrast to the dark backdrop thereby accentuating the product.

A large metal human sculpture seems emerging from a water body welcomes us as we enter the showroom.

The outlet space is long rectangular with a large number of structural columns; this is used as an advantage by creating niches around the CRC metal clad columns and using them as display spaces for individual product display. These niches clad with tiles from the showroom act simultaneously as product display and wall cladding, thereby giving the showroom a distinctive characteristic unique to the space.

The niches on either sides of the showroom make way for a central circulation space which is raised with rough finished wooden look ceramic tiles.

A special bar area is created using mosaic tile backdrop and bar stools which displays the varied use of the showroom tiles and creativity of the designer. The look of the space is completed with a unique wooden sculpture.

An exposed brick wall with khaki paint finish flanks the west façade of the showroom which accentuates the rugged look. The façade is flooded with indirect light through clerestory window, the light filters through scriptures cut in thin ply creating an interesting play of light.

This khaki wall is adorned by paintings of renowned artists. The sculptures and paintings incorporated in the showroom give an artistic touch to the space. The space doubles up as a display gallery for paintings and sculptures where art is displayed and sold. The showroom is truly a buyer’s delight.

The showroom displays unique traits and contrasts that distinctly characterize the architecture of this space.

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