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Gayatri Sekhri

New Delhi, Delhi, India-110074

Madison, Residential-Others

A modern abode with a classical twist makes this residence a space spearheading the bandwagon of a progressive design that reflects the luxury of living and appreciates the concepts of neoclassic just as much. Manifested predominantly in the re-structuring of interior spaces, this project resides at the cusp of the past, the present and the future breaking the ground with strategic spatial delineation such that the monotony of plumb precincts is broken by adding multiple dimensions to the character and nature of the space.

Dealing the cards of both contemporary and neo-classicism right this liner sails through with a multi utilitarian and flexible planning structure inclusive of both familial and private exigencies, expending every square inch to achieve an urbane window with a time honored vista making you feel at home.

The designer approached the project very much as he would for a client. The furnishings, for instance, were all bought exclusively for this residence. With a profound love for neoclassicism and a knack for taking historical references and updating them in a sophisticated way, Pomegranate designs gave its own twist to the walls by using paintings and wall arts. "Many people think you can create an effect through a form of provocation," the designer explains, "by juxtaposing something very classical with something very contemporary. For us, things should be a lot more subtle."

The 3-story multiunit dwelling has the designer’s flavour sprite up through brushes of vibrant colors dressing the furniture pieces and furnishings. Bursts of blue, pink and gold flourishing in the paintings adorn the prosaic grey wall in the drawing room. An understated earthy scheme of soft yellow with blue stains is spiked by the flamboyance of classic hues dying the space high-brow and refreshing. The visual and material palette draws from the old and the new, the local and the global. It integrates within it all the automation that is needed for technologically enabled living while providing the opportunity for the expression of individual preferences that make a house a home.

The bedroom adopts a similar colour combination of earthy grey pigments with primary accents. Keeping the movables minimalistic, their essence is a combination of antiquated and modern. The elaborate bedhead and the purple accent chair-duo wraps the room rich with a yesteryear vibe. The washroom mimics the walk of fusion with italian marble flooring with antique lights and tiles on the other.

Longitudinal translation of transversal best describes this project, as it manages to capture the essence of time honored practices of endowing a structure with social, semi private and private spaces in close connection with each other but unlike the old times, the horizontal expanse is forbidden for vertical division. As basement floor opens avenues for social exchange, first and second floor are reserved for private quarters.

All In all it applauds the neoclassic aspects of architecture and conception of spaces, their intrinsic and extrinsic perceptivity and it reinvents the language by coalescing it with advanced articulation and European vocabulary.

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