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Kolkata, West Bengal, India-700032

Interior Architect & Design, Hospitality-Restaurant & Cafe

We decorate Azad Hind Dhaba's interior.

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Azad Hind Dhaba

ZingyEdit: The restaurant interiors have been crafted in a manner to give a raw and eclectic feel.

This picture relates to/has: Restaurant & Cafe, ceiling fixtures, dining chairs, Stairs, Brick Wall, Hanging Ceiling Light, Wooden Table, Wall Lights


Alina   (Interior Designer)

Hello, I am Alina from Binary Management (https://www.binarymanagement.com/?utm_source=dmar). I'm promoting our new project management tool for interior designers and looking for those who wouldn’t mind testing this product and trying to apply it in their work. I believe that every interior design studio should at least get acquainted with this soft. It’s an advanced platform that differs from other project management tools in such a way that it was created specifically for designers by designers and it perfectly meets their needs. BM calculates a design fee through the input of key project data. It automatically generates a full project design delivery plan per stage. BM provides you with a macro and micro level real time picture on any project and consolidates all your project plan data from tracking into a single location, making it extremely easy to analyse, report and learn from the project performance. And that's just a tiny bit of its capabilities. Are you interested? I would be glad to have a talk! Reach on me via email (a.ryabova@binarysages.com) or WhatsApp/Telegram (+375336461506). You can also go to https://binarymanagement.com/user-guide/?utm_source=dmar to see the user guide. And have a nice day!


This picture relates to/has: dining chairs, Brick Wall, Hanging Ceiling Light, Wooden Table




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