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MUMBAI , Maharashtra, India-400050

Tibidabo Villa , Residential-Single family dwelling

Project Status: Completed

Situated at the top of the "Beverly Hills" of Barcelona, Tibidabo Villa is a modern secluded house with contemporary architectural features and a youthful interior design that utilises colourful furnishings. Serving has a holiday home to a British family its design is functional and playful.

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ZingyEdit: Displaying a bathroom donning subtle, white hue thus reflecting the notion of spaciousness and vibrancy.

This picture relates to/has: Bathroom, Master Bathroom, dressing mirrors, mirror, Wash Basin, Bathtub, Glass Panels, Bathroom Fixtures, Windows, Water Closets, Designer Washbasins


ZingyEdit: The bedroom features a monochromatic notion with white overalls, and one black wall highlighting the backdrop.

This picture relates to/has: Bedroom, Kids Bedroom, upholstering, finish flooring, sliding door, bed, marble flooring, Rolling Chair, Ceiling Fan, Curtains, glass railing, Study Table


ZingyEdit: The outdoors are composed of a wooden deck along with an open pool summing up as the recreational spaces.

This picture relates to/has: Outdoors, Pool, window, Chairs, Pool, Glass Panels, glass railing, Deck, Sliding Door, Table


ZingyEdit: The walls have been replaced with huge frames of glass sliding panels which connect the exteriors with interiors providing glimpse of the swimming pool.

This picture relates to/has: Living Room, finish flooring, dining table, Chairs, Glass Panels, Sliding Door, Coffee Table, Luxury Sofas, Carpets & Rugs, Display Shelf / Cabinets, Electric Fireplaces


ZingyEdit: Featuring a bedroom with an all white theme, where the window panels and doors are highlighted by the dynamic black frame.

This picture relates to/has: Bedroom, finish flooring, bedside cupboards, window, bed, wall art, Sliding Door, Plant


ZingyEdit: The dining room overlooks the outdoor pool area, creating a visual interaction between the spaces.

This picture relates to/has: Dining Room, finish flooring, dining-chairs, wall art, Dining Table, Glass Panels, Sliding Door, Potted Plant, Tree, Chairs, LED Lights


ZingyEdit: The kitchen has been done in a palette of vibrant white, where hint of metallic gray has been used for the counter top.

This picture relates to/has: Kitchen, kitchen stools, rug, chimney, Fridge, Microwave, Storage & Shelves, Display Shelf / Cabinets


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