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MUMBAI , Maharashtra, India-400050

Writer's studio, Residential-Single family dwelling

Writer's studio is an architectural design project made in collaboration with z-m-a architects in London. This small garden studio was designed for an English screenplay writer who required a space for creative privacy, away from his main house. Tailored specifically to his needs, the studio uses a timber cladding structure that allows visibility from the inside to the outside but blocks visibility from the outside into the interior. The space is modern in design with large glazed doors and back-painted walls for brainstorming exercises. The heated concrete floors provide a snug hideaway to the writer even during cold British winters.

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ZingyEdit: The building displays a screen composed of wooden rafters creating an effect of partial permeability.

This picture relates to/has: Exterior, Wooden Rafters, Plant, Screen, Facades


ZingyEdit: The perspective displays a modernist contemporary built-frame, surrounded by lush greens and trees perfectly complimenting each other.

This picture relates to/has: Outdoors, glass door, Wooden Rafters, Glass Panels, Plant, Tree, Grass, External Walls and Facades


ZingyEdit: Another perspective of the studio apartment, composed of wooden louvers and glass panel. The glass panel reflects the subtle yet crisp interiors from the outside engaging the indoors with outdoors.

This picture relates to/has: architecture, landscape, frame, sofa, Rolling Chair, Wooden Rafters, Glass Panels, Coffee Table, Tree


ZingyEdit: A view from the interior open space extending to the outer space, merging with the landscape.

This picture relates to/has: lawn, architecture, landscape, window, louvers, Plant, Tree, Grass


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