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Monica Khosla Bhargava

Kolkata, West Bengal, India-700019

JWT Kolkata, Commercial-Office Complex

Project Status: Completed

The JWT Kolkata office has been designed to comb the energy provided by the infinity view of the vast Rajarhat wetlands into the planning of this office. The entrance corridor is designed as a long vista with the water body ahead. On the side sits the reception –like a vestibule welcoming the train of creative energy into the JWT station. You enter the office, enervated by the view along the windows and turn into the work spaces, guided by the exteriorscape. The movement corridors divide the work spaces into four visible departments.

Circles…concentric circles, intersecting circles…like a pattern of ripples formed by raindrops on a calm lake- that’s what the plan of the office looks like. Circular corridors remove the ennui of long straight paths and become interesting meeting places. 

That interaction is integral to the functioning of this office is evident in the variety of meeting spaces created. The meeting lounge, formal conference room, informal meeting rooms…even round tables at the centre of departments or at the convergence of consecutive cubicles have been designed to encourage discussions.
For it is only when people meet that great ideas are born!

In contrast to the circular fluidity of the plan is the sharp square angularity in the massing of storage cabinets, library stacks and executive tables. The leaf like table partitions project inclined onto the corridor to break the monotony in color and texture of the long curved partitions. Texture is the key to the sensorial experience of the office, so much so that even the visually challenged may be able to find their way by feeling the change in texture and sound of the flooring from polished marble in the corridors to wood in the reception and library and soft carpet in the work areas.

“World made, the company philosophy needs to be reflected in the design…but never forgetting which part of the world we stand for”, was the JWT brief. This led to the inclusion of the tropical green colour and the local teakwood in parquet finish in an otherwise contemporary white interiorscape. The three round columns in the corporate blue, amber and fuchsia infuse vibrancy and definition into the office. 

Green is not just the colour of the office; it is its philosophy too. The office is completely powered by LED with ample natural light and thermal ceiling insulation to reduce the load on the energy meter. The space where a person spends his entire working day- indeed, entire working life must be sensitive to his needs, comfort and emotions…and every detail in this office has been planned to make the working life of JWTians more meaningful.

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ZingyEdit: While the whites and beige add to the neutral tones, hues of green bring in vibrancy to the interiors of this office.

This picture relates to/has: Office, Reception/Lounge, finish flooring, furniture, seating, wooden flooring, wall art, Reception Desk, Furniture, Glass Panels, cove light, false ceiling, Ceiling Light, LCD Screen, Graphic Design, LED Lights


ZingyEdit: Meeting lounge has been placed in connectivity with the scenic outdoors, bringing positivity within.

This picture relates to/has: Office, glass door, Chairs, Glass Table, Hanging Ceiling Light, Glass Panels, Wooden Cladding, Chair, Coffee Table, Partition Walls & Screens, Luxury Sofas


This picture relates to/has: Office, Wokstation, Rolling Chair, Conference Table, Glass Panels, cove light, false ceiling, Wooden chair, Wooden Partition, LED Lights, Office Tables & Workstations


This picture relates to/has: Office, finish flooring, workstation office, Rolling Chairs, Round Chair, Wooden Cladding, Column, Monitor, Partition Walls & Screens, Center Tables, LED Lights, Office Tables & Workstations, Office Storage


ZingyEdit: Interesting cafe interiors with funky furniture and vibrant color palette, make this place an interesting place to socialise.

This picture relates to/has: Restaurant & Cafe, wallpaper, wall art, Cabinet, Chairs, Hanging Ceiling Light, Round Table, Kitchen Furniture, LED Lights, Display Shelf / Cabinets, Office Storage


This picture relates to/has: Office, Wokstation, glass partition, false ceiling, Wooden Partition, Ceiling Light, Column, LED Lights, Office Tables & Workstations


ZingyEdit: The cool blues compliment the bright whites, making the interiors of these public restrooms interesting.

This picture relates to/has: Office, finish flooring, dressing mirrors, mirror, Wash Basin, Glass Panels, Curtain Walls, Urinals, Countertop Washbasins


ZingyEdit: Curvilinear arrangement of cubicles makes the circulation pattern interesting.

This picture relates to/has: Office, finish flooring, Rolling Chair, workstation office, Cubicle, cove light, false ceiling, Wooden Partition, Column, Office Furniture Fittings, LED Lights



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