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M/s monnaie interior designers Pvt.ltd

Palakkad, Kerala, India-678001

Residential Project of Mr. Vinoth Nair., Residential-multi-family dwelling

A 7000sq.ft  modern villa was designed in a contemporary style , the main highlight is the drawing room, meant for guest so the design aspect should be such that , at the first look “wow” should come from those who enter, LCD unit was synced with the ceiling to make it feel as a big unit and was given a darker shade for contrast, cute niches changes the rooms appearance in a combinative manner, family living and dining was a big space so we provided an L shaped vertical pergola to feel the height as well as it acts as a separation, island kitchen is cutely designed in a black and white combo with modern hardwares, the master bedroom was also unique with the wooden ceiling in a modern way with steel plate provided to give a grid pattern and cot looks more charming at night with the elegant blue lighting to the floor

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A house is for ever is what we believe, the client needed a colonial architecture and hence we developed the design as per his taste,grey white combination with high quality monier roofing make the house a marvel,The cute roof windows as well as the stone cladding makes the house a perfect one!

ZingyEdit: Featuring the elements of colonial architecture, such as gable roof, decorative cornices along with other ornamentation attributes.

This picture relates to/has: Outdoors, revival, colonial, cladding, landscape gardens, House, Stone Finishes, Facades


This is the drawing area, where the guest are seated, so it is the center of attraction , we opted for wenge and cream combo and designed in a contemporary style

ZingyEdit: A luxurious sofa donning a rich white fabric dominates this ornamented formal living setup.

This picture relates to/has: Living Room, cladding, lits alcoves, sofa, marble flooring, Chandelier, Wooden Cladding, Art, Curtains & Accessories


the bedroom makes you feel softness as the color scheme used make you feel it, beautiful niches in the back panel highlights the interior along with vertical print curtains make the room feel tall

ZingyEdit: Highlighting a contemporary bedroom done in creamy white, exuberating vibrancy.

This picture relates to/has: Bedroom, sconce, double beds, platform beds, sofa, marble flooring, wall art, Area Rug, Wooden Ceiling, false ceiling, Floor Lamp, Art, Curtains & Accessories


A study area along with a 40 inch Lcd tv fulfills the room

ZingyEdit: Featuring a lively study area, showcasing a minimalist decor within the subtle room.

This picture relates to/has: Bedroom, double bed, Leather Sofa, wall shelf, LED Lights, Study Table, Chest of Drawers


This is the Master bedroom. and is designed in a black and white theme, wooden ceiling is the highlight here, back panel with up lights , cot with indirect lights gives it an ultra modern look.

ZingyEdit: Cove lighting accentuates this wooden platform bed with blue cove lighting.

This picture relates to/has: double bed, platform bed, Decor Accessories, Wooden Cladding, Floor Lamp, Armchair, False Ceilings and Drywalls


dine with luxury was our motto while designing, simple long back chairs with a glass top table is the highlight of this space, an L shaped pergola was provided as a partition, glass pillars acting as the centre of attraction

ZingyEdit: Modern high back upholstered dining chairs are perfectly paired up with the wooden dining table.

This picture relates to/has: Dining Room, dining chairs, lits alcoves, Ceiling Fan, Dining Table, Wooden Cladding, False Ceilings and Drywalls, Dining Room Furniture


From the dining is the view of the Modular kitchen and so both was designed in sync with each other simple ceilings and vertical wooden elements make the view mesmerizing

ZingyEdit: A contemporary dining setup, adds a factor of vibrancy and exuberance, showcasing luxury.

This picture relates to/has: Dining Room, sconce, dining chairs, Glass Table, Dining Table, Wooden Cladding, Marble Flooring, False Ceilings and Drywalls, Curtains & Accessories


Drawing Area

ZingyEdit: Dominated by wood, in material palette this living room, the wooden cladding envelopes the ceiling falling down as a wall element.

This picture relates to/has: Living Room, lits alcoves, wallpaper, L-Shaped Sofa, Cabinet, Wooden Ceiling, Wooden Cladding, Ceiling Light, Curtains & Accessories


this is the guest bedroom and was designed in a straight line method, no curving nothing, color scheme was leaf tones

ZingyEdit: A minimalist guest bedroom dons a classic combination of monochromes in its material and color palette.

This picture relates to/has: Bedroom, bedside-lamp, bed, Area Rug, Wooden Countertops, Marble Flooring, False Ceilings and Drywalls, Curtains & Accessories, Bed Side & End Tables


Island kitchen is what we planned along with a breakfast area as it is near to the dining room, open feel is the main highlight of the kitchen, modern hardware was used here, tall units were provided for maximum storage


Modular Kitchen

ZingyEdit: Inbuilt appliances, fitted within polished cabinets form up this modular kitchen while the counter-top caters as a kitchen island accentuated using stools.

This picture relates to/has: Kitchen, counter stools, chimney, Wooden Countertops, Fridge, Modular Kitchens, False Ceilings and Drywalls, Cabinets & Shelves


Upper living area was designed with more wood tone a huge LCD unit was provided and was designed in a bit traditional way, wooden boxes at ceiling syncs with the total ambiance.

ZingyEdit: A vibrant sectional sofa, wrapped up in a rich white fabric accentuates this large formal living setup.

This picture relates to/has: Living Room, lits alcoves, wall art, Wooden Rafters, Home Decor, False Ceilings and Drywalls, Center Tables, Cushions & Cushion Covers, TV Units


Stairs was designed in a Steel and glass combination with floral etching to make the stairs elegant

This picture relates to/has: Staircase


the bathrooms was designed as wet and dry area with highlighter concept for wall, wide mirrors gives the feeling of space

ZingyEdit: A contemporary bathroom, showcases elegant bathroom fixtures aligned in a clever manner to display spaciousness.

This picture relates to/has: Bathroom, dressing mirrors, Potted Plant, Storage Cabinets, Bidets, Countertop Washbasins, Shower Enclosures/ Cabins


a different view of the upper living

ZingyEdit: A semi-formal lounge has been composed along the space near the staircase for leisure and interaction.

This picture relates to/has: Living Room, Stairs, Wooden Ceiling, glass railing, False Ceilings and Drywalls, Luxury Sofas, Carpets & Rugs, Curtains & Accessories, LED Lights


This is the common wash area and was designed keeping in mind the aesthetic value, unique counters with mirrors was designed in a black and white theme and blue strip lights for making it more appealing

ZingyEdit: The blue cove lighting transforms this bathroom, into a special showpiece; a place where design oriented living exerts a magical allure.

This picture relates to/has: Bathroom, dressing mirrors, wall art, Cabinet, Wooden Door, Hanging Ceiling Light, cove light, Designer Washbasins


black and white theme was chosen as per the clients taste.counters with steel strips gives a clean look

ZingyEdit: Monochromatic color palette, defines this bathroom towards a modern outlook.

This picture relates to/has: Bathroom, dressing mirrors, Cabinet, Shower Curtain, Bathroom Fixtures, Wall Tiles, Bidets, Overhead Showers


The master bathroom was designed in the theme of the master bedroom, a bigger bathroom made us utilize more space and elements, a spa model bathtub is the highlight,

ZingyEdit: Featuring a designer basin mounted over the counter centrally, while the corner highlights a stepped bathtub.

This picture relates to/has: Bathroom, cladding, awning type windows, Wall Decor, Cabinets & Shelves, LED Lights, Designer Washbasins, Bathtubs


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A different angle of the master bathroom

ZingyEdit: With space constraints, this narrow bathroom displays luxury fixtures leaving a soothing impression, on one's senses.

This picture relates to/has: Bathroom, dressing mirrors, Shower Enclosure, Wall Tiles, Bidets, Designer Washbasins, Hand Showers


Bed room designed with keeping in mind the simplicity and importance to lighting elements

ZingyEdit: A wooden platform bed accentuated by carpet, dominates this minimalist bedroom setup.

This picture relates to/has: Bedroom, beds, platform, marble flooring, wall art, Wooden Ceiling, Floor Lamp, Spotlight, False Ceilings and Drywalls, Luxury Sofas, Carpets & Rugs


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