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Rajesh Sheth

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India-380015

Pradeep Jain House, Residential-Single family dwelling

Located in Gandhidham, spacious two storey house features a comfortable everyday living with a focus on sustainability. The space was infused with a sense of opulence through the use of finishes such as leather granite, wood flooring and marble accents. This house was designed for comfortable everyday living with a focus on sustainability. While simple in form the exterior utilizes a variety of low maintenance materials. The interior is organized around a large open entertaining area, which includes the kitchen, dinning room, and living room. A loft space that overlooks the first floor living serves as a transition between public and private areas of the home. The living room opens onto a large outdoor covered patio creating a great space for outdoor living and blurring the boundary between the two.

Carefully positioned windows fill the home with an abundant amount of natural light and create a strong connection with the landscape. First floor serves a fusion of modern graphic elements & artwork with monochromatic interior. Simplicity of spaces is enriched by soft lighting, which flatters this kind of interior. The signature palette of neutrals has been defined in shades of grey, black and silver along with a tint of bright. The spacious outdoor courtyard with its lush green lawn, flowering plants and screening trees create the perfect mood for soaking up in the summer sun or enjoying the blissful rains. However it doesnt stop here. Various eye-catching elements such as a bird bath, outdoor sculptures and beautifully designed pergolas summarize the clients perspective of a soothing outdoor space.

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ZingyEdit: The entrance embarks upon warmth with light wooden texture cladding all over the walls, also promoting permeability through the louvers to the interior spaces within.

This picture relates to/has: Entrance, sliding window, blinds, Glass Window, Wooden Door, louvers, Wooden Cladding, Door Design, Flooring


ZingyEdit: The dining setup is based on a young and vibrant concept, with pastel hues of light green over the chairs.

This picture relates to/has: Dining Room, dining chair, Glass Dining Table, Curtains, Chairs, Dining Table, Hanging Ceiling Light, Wooden Flooring, Chairs


This picture relates to/has: Entrance, architecture, landscape, Glass Window, Planters, louvers, entrance porch, Wooden Cladding, Sculpture, LED Lights


ZingyEdit: Exterior facade displays a modern notion, and is accentuated by a landscaped lawn.

This picture relates to/has: Outdoors, Porch, Outdoors, Landscape, finish flooring, glass door, Stairs, Plants, Railing, Hanging Plants, louvers, Wooden Cladding, Grass, Sculpture, Planter, Pergola, External Walls and Facades, Lawn & Garden, LED Lights, Pavers


ZingyEdit: The formal living lounge setup, is designed up a theme using a dark color palette to state boldness and dynamism.

This picture relates to/has: Living Room, Large Living Room, finish flooring, sofa, rug, couch, wall art, Glass Window, Area Rug, Leather Couch, Glass Table, sofa lamp, Decor Accessories, Furniture, Concrete Wall, cove light, false ceiling, Chair, Luxury Sofas, Curtains & Accessories, Cushions & Cushion Covers


ZingyEdit: Designer finish ceiling forms a geometrical false ceiling pattern, highlighted through the cove light.

This picture relates to/has: Bedroom, finish flooring, stools, sofa, Glass Window, Area Rug, Curtains, Decor Accessories, cove light, false ceiling, Chair, Storage & Shelves, Designer Ceilings, Study Table


ZingyEdit: Upholstered sofas and table have been finished in a seamless, suede fabric perfectly complimenting the warm interiors.

This picture relates to/has: Living Room, Small Living Room, upholstering, floral patterns, sofa, textured wall, Curtains, sofa lamp, Decor Accessories, Furniture, Wall Decor, Table, sectional sofas, Wooden Flooring, Cushions & Cushion Covers


ZingyEdit: Displaying a lobby just alongside the living cum dining room with a vibrant bold ceiling bearing floral pattern.

This picture relates to/has: Corridor, Living Room, Living cum Dining Room, finish flooring, dining chairs, Ceiling Design, wooden flooring, textured wall, Wooden Door, Curtains, Dining Table, Hanging Ceiling Light, Decor Accessories, Display Window, louvers, cove light


ZingyEdit: The beautifully crafted cantilevered staircase, is perfectly well lit with the daylight from the ceiling punctures working as skylight.

This picture relates to/has: cantilevered stairs, Stairs, Wooden Ceiling, Decor Accessories, Wooden Staircase, glass railing, Skylight, Handrail


ZingyEdit: Featuring a bedroom with a panel running as ceiling element, continuing over the wall with a textured pattern and cove light.

This picture relates to/has: Bedroom, Master Bedroom, side tables, sofa, cushions, pillows, bed, Headboards, louvers, cove light, false ceiling, Coffee Table, Wooden Flooring, Luxury Sofas, Designer Ceilings


ZingyEdit: Concrete stairs surfaced with wooden steps, embrace an aura created through the hanging birds, and artificial greens.

This picture relates to/has: cladding, cantilevered stairs, glass door, Decor Accessories, Carpet, Concrete Wall, glass railing, Potted Plant, Artificial Plants


ZingyEdit: The bathroom features bold reds perfectly complementing the whites, adding vibrancy to the interiors.

This picture relates to/has: Bathroom, Master Bathroom, dressing mirrors, mirror, Shower Enclosure, Wash Basin, toilet seat, Bathtub, Glass Panels, Pergola, Pebble, Bathroom Accessories & Organization, Wall Tiles, Water Closets, Designer Washbasins


ZingyEdit: A spacious kitchen displays a color palette comprising of dark tones, paired with light wooden clad cabinets and working island.

This picture relates to/has: Kitchen, Large Kitchen, cook island, dining chairs, gas stove, Cabinet, Flooring Tiles, Curtains, Dining Table, Hanging Ceiling Light, Display Window, Marble Countertop, Drawer, Kitchen Tiles, Partition Walls & Screens, Kitchen Accessories, Stone Finishes, Cabinets & Shelves, Wall Tiles, Acrylic Stone Kitchen Worktops


ZingyEdit: Murphy beds with bedspreads in bold reds, add dynamism to the interiors.

This picture relates to/has: Bedroom, Teens Bedroom, murphy beds, window, wallpaper, bed, wall art, Flooring Tiles, Wooden Door, Marble Flooring, Designer Ceilings


This picture relates to/has: Bedroom, bed, marble flooring, Fireplace, Decor Accessories, Recliners, Wallpapers


ZingyEdit: A leather upholstered bed, with white bedspread is illuminated using both artificial and natural light.

This picture relates to/has: Bedroom, Master Bedroom, upholstering, blinds, bed, Ceiling Design, Flooring Tiles, Headboards, Leather Bed, louvers, cove light, false ceiling, Marble Flooring, Cushions & Cushion Covers, LED Lights


ZingyEdit: The interiors of this toilet space are flooded in with daylight from the louvers over the ceiling functioning as skylight.

This picture relates to/has: Bathroom, Master Bathroom, Wooden Flooring, commode, Shower Enclosure, toilet seat, Wooden Cladding, Skylight, Pergola, Stone Finishes, Water Closets, Designer Washbasins


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