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Rakeshh Jeswaani

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India-400053

Duplex Apartment in Mumbai , Residential-Apartments

A sprawling 6,000 sq ft duplex apartment in a high rise building in the plush South Mumbai area.

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ZingyEdit: Bathroom displays a flamboyant aura with a material palette displaying luxury through the composition.

This picture relates to/has: Bathroom, finish flooring, wall art, Decor Accessories, Wooden Cladding, Bathroom Accessories & Organization, LED Lights, Designer Washbasins


ZingyEdit: Living room features a warm color palette, creating an aura of comfort.

This picture relates to/has: Living Room, Small Living Room, finish flooring, painting, wall art, Furniture, Wooden Cladding, Chair, Luxury Sofas, Carpets & Rugs, Coffee Tables


ZingyEdit:  large living setup features full height glass windows, flooding in daylight adding vibrancy to the warm interiors.

This picture relates to/has: Living Room, Large Living Room, painting, marble flooring, wall art, Glass Window, Wooden Ceiling, Hanging Ceiling Light, Furniture, Wooden Cladding, Coffee Table, Armchair, Luxury Sofas


ZingyEdit: A huge dining table with a glass tabletop is spread across the floor, with dining chairs perfectly paired along.

This picture relates to/has: Dining Room, dining chairs, wall art, Glass Table, Dining Table, Hanging Ceiling Light, Decor Accessories, Wooden Cladding, Wall Decor, LED Lights, Decor Light


ZingyEdit: A subtle living room setup, with a color palette of neutral tones such as whites, beige and grays.

This picture relates to/has: Living Room, sofa, rug, wooden flooring, Glass Coffee Table, louvers, Chair, Armchair


This picture relates to/has: Living Room, counter boards, Wooden Flooring, Stool, Hanging Ceiling Light, Wooden Cladding


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