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Shekhar Shinde

Pune, Maharashtra, India-411005

Betos Restaurant and Pub, Hospitality-Bar & Pub

BETOS BAR & KITCHEN a 9000 sqft roof top Restaurant & Pub designed by my firm S2A Studio Architects & Interior Designers, Pune. S2A STUDIO or Shekhar Shinde Architecture Studio is an architectural firm based in Pune. We are driven by our strong philosophy and our unique approach.

In BETOS our goal was to use as much waste/scrapped material as possible to turn it into something useful. The theme was modern and industrial-constructive design with raw finishes. We were given strong budget restrictions and hence it was very challenging to design this 9000sqft space into a happening modern restaurant and pub. 50% of the elements and materials we used are recycled or scrap turned into something interesting. We have visited countless scrapyards in search of waste metal based materials. We have kept 4 different spaces or zones in mind while developing the designs.

1. Youngsters space

2. Enclosed PUB space with dance floor

3. Family space

4. Private Couples area

All areas have their own sub themes. In case of youngsters area, the open terrace has a huge real boat with high sails making it the center of attraction. Boat can comfortably accommodate a group of 10 people and can be given for small private parties. The scale of the boat creates a very intimidating as well as cozy feel in visitors. Scrapped cart and cycle tires have been used as lamps in this area which lights up the entire space with any color selected by remote. The graffiti wall and pole hung planters makes the space more vibrant. Scrapped truck tires with their axle were used to create supports of the circular tables in this area.

The couples area has a long passage lit with wave formed scrapped green beer bottles hung on the ceiling and illuminated with lights. 1200 scrapped bottles were used in creation of this interesting element. The couples have been given private cozy spaces which are covered from three sides with retractable curtains. The lighting here is dim and romantic. A single circular illuminated pot between 2 couples space can be seen from the ground floor and attracts visitors. Couples area has a beautiful view on one side of a nearby club having water pool along with large trees and distant mountains. There is no other dedicated couples area as such anywhere in any restaurants in the city which makes it an advantage for the couples seeking for a private romantic dinner date.

The entrance of the restaurant has a real front portion of the Tata Dailmer-Benze 1954 truck acquired from waste. This antique portion is installed on the wall in a way to make it look like a real truck breaking through the wall. The same is achieved with the graffiti on the walls with a party scene painted with white color. The has black glossy duco paint finish and lit with blue lights giving it a classy look. The ceiling has been decorated using scrapped traditional construction purpose vessels or locally knows as ghamelas hung with the metal tubes at varying heights. The opposite to truck wall is decorated with interesting frames which tell the story of how scrap material was used in forming various elements along with some humorous liquor based quotes. Along with this there are scrapped motor discs used in between.

The enclosed pub area has a very modern and futuristic touch to it. This space is designed to be very energetic. The circular columns makes the space very lively with their shape, light effects and standing tables around them as well as hiding the typical box structural column inside. Waste and easily available marbles were used on the floor around these columns. This space has bar counter as the center of focus. Scrapped truck filters are turned into lamps in this space. These lamps not only give warmth to the space but also create a light and shadow patter on the surfaces around them because of the perforated sheets used in them.

The wall is decorated with scrap gears of vehicles and machines. The sofas are of aqua blue color fabric with very soft finish. It adds the required amount of color in the space and makes it both day and night space instead of completely relying on artificial light effects. Family area is designed to be relaxing space for families or for any age group seeking peaceful fine dining. It has dual purpose of a la carte as well as banquet lawn for private parties. The cabanas overlook the beautiful nature around with distant mountain views. A stage has been provided to allow the management to organize life music concerts. The water feature adds a very soothing effect to the space with its beautiful sound and lighting.

Floor is a combination of soft and hardscape, With 70% area under grass/lawn and rest covered with rough finished kadappa stone. The stone with black color adds warmth to the space with buddha belly bamboo plants placed inside the illuminated planters. The place is made peppy with even toned colorful pillows and velvet cushioning work done on the sofas. S2A Studio Architects Pune. Shekhar Shinde Architecture Studio

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Youngsters area

Youngsters area

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