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New Delhi, Delhi, India-110070

Seclude Villas - Ramgarh, Residential-Farmhouses

Designing in the hills comes with the added responsibility of building/undertaking an intervention in a highly fragile eco-system. In this case, the site located in Himalayan town of Ramgarh in Uttarakhand,  was one facing north, reducing access to warm southern sun. The client desired a reasonable high density for a mountain setting — six villas of around 1750sqft each in the narrow 1 acre site, without compromising on  the privacy and views of each villa and greenery on site. 

The design incorporates solar passive design elements in the site planning such that the tree cover is almost entirely undisturbed. Further insulation strategies are explored- earth sheltering, in-built insulation and sandwich glass panels.

Each unit or villa is designed to benefit from three distinct characters of the volume and space, achieved by placing the built volume partly on the slope, partly inserted within the slope and partly projecting beyond the slope, suspended above the valley. This system allows each unit to be adapted to its particular setting, ensuring each room receives an uninterrupted view of the valley, while retaining an overall cohesive structure. 

The structural system employs reinforced cement concrete. The detailing is kept simple and uses locally available materials such as stone excavated from site and locally available pine wood that complements the contemporary flavor of the design. The play of roof forms creates a picture of organically incrementing levels rather than a singular dominating form.

Site Area: 1 ACRE    
Built-up Area: 7,500 sq ft

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Rohit Sethi

ZingyEdit: Emerging from a layer of contours, this residence frames scenic vistas of the mountain ranges of Uttarakhand.


This picture relates to/has: Bedroom, Master Bedroom, textured wall, Wooden Rafters, Wall Decor



ZingyEdit: It frames its surrounding natures and embrace the natural world within its serene envelope.

This picture relates to/has: Living Room, Wooden Ceiling, wooden rafters ceiling




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