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Surinder Bahga

Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India-160017

Church of God, Public Spaces-Religious Buildings

The Church of God located in Sector 41 of Chandigarh has been designed as a sculpture within a fixed volume in accordance with the rather restrictive building byelaws of the Chandigarh Administration. The shape and form of the church has to be distinct in aspect from the architecture of the surrounding buildings.

The projecting porch, reminiscent of a steeple, is designed to symbolically welcome the devotees with folded hands. The free shape of the plan ensures a close relationship between the congregation and the chancel.

In an effort to create an atmosphere conducive to worship, the interiors are enlivened with an imaginative play of light and shade. Very few windows are provided so as not to allow any outside distraction.

The roof of the prayer hall has vents at the top which permit hot air to rise and escape. Fresh air is drawn in from outside through the slit windows on a lower level.

The external walls are of thick load-bearing brick masonry. The outside surfaces are finished with rough-cast concrete in white cement.

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ZingyEdit: Far from the traditional ornamentation, this church was developed as a contemporary architectural edifice.

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Ground Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan


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