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TheeAe Architects

Hong Kong, China

Floral Ice, Institutional-Museums

The environment present in the city is the cityscape that creates the characteristic of the town. It is a form of elevation that our eye can capture. It may be an expression of our needs to survive in the town. Furthermore, it would generate emotional and sentimental effusion by creating a memory out of it. The environment of the city has been related to the Baltic Sea throughout its history. Its climate, culture, business and life are related to this urban fabric.

The design site is located right in-between the Baltic Sea and Tahititornin Park. Its characteristics to render into this city context will be very much excited. By its fine location, the distinctive seasonal change becomes much dramatic elements to bring to the site as a form of architecture. In every season, there is respective own beauty.

Especially, the strongest impression tends to happen when there is a dramatic change. When the spring season is near to arrive, frozen ice on the Baltic Sea begins to melt away. The Tahititornin Park will be preparing its transformation with its new clothes. The landscape covered the city will change its form. In this regard, we propose a new building on the site to continue to bring this excitement. We intend the form naturally to be generated from melting ice on the sea as structure elements.

The elevation line that has been drawn by trees on the park becomes an architectural enclosure. We imagine planting a native seed on the site. It will grow and become a fine medium to connect the sea and the park. We believe the interpretation that is made from this context shall recall nostalgia that people would see this new architecture as a nature that is not a foreign but a native one. Once it is only a seed and now it will be grown plant as a part of the cityscape where it has always been.

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The design of the museum is to enhance the beauty of the existing environment. Beside the structural form, metaphoric expression of the melting ice of the sea water, the enclosure of the building was developed based on the ideas of the elevation that captured from the west of the site.

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At the North plaza, the space is shielded from strong winds by the form of the building. This provides a comfort open space for visitors to enjoy the environment.

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The “melting ice” in a snowy day

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Next to the open space, there sits the Bridge Gallery. Art pieces are displayed along a mild ramp ascending towards the Performance Hall.

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Front view of the museum

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Tall space at lobby

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Open gallery space

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Outdoor gallery at a covered space

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Design process

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