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TheeAe Architects

Hong Kong, China

The Elevated Elf Land, Recreational-Parks

Let’s Run Yeongcheon is a nature friendly theme park for Human and Horse as an expression of new identity of Horse Park in Korea. Our intention on its purposeful driven Park is to create a unique development to attract people from the town in local, other cities and even overseas by its sustainable design. Hence, we present the elevated platform to preserve nature, as well as intend the total paradigm shift from horse race culture in Korean, “horse race is a gamble”, into a new trend of horse race game in direct connection with theme park. 

The existing site has its various height differences on each mountain from 25m to 45m, as their differences make the site very much unique as they are. Placing the horse track on its mountainous site, the track smoothly landed on the site by creating higher level to approach to the site from the parking area as naturally elevated land so as to be a unique identity of Let’s Run Horse Park which is a unique to its only location in Yeongcheon.

Besides its structural form of the park, we aim the shift of paradigm by introduction of the Elf Land which is a new story of Horse Park Yeongcheon. We intend iconic landmark castle that will consist of 6 different tribes who are appeared mainly in the Lord of the Ring, one of famous fantasy movies. Its story is about horse race game to be held by one of tribes, the Elf who invites 5 other tribes for the horse race game in her land – Dwarf, Hobbit, Orc, Maiar and Ent. Each tribe will participate in the horse race game with their own 2 number of horse racers so total there will be 12 racers in a game. For this rule, the each horse and rider will be identified by their designated horse color as well as by uniform of their own tribes. For example, Elf horse will be white, so will others be identified by their own separate color of horses. All visitors will be able to easily identify the tribe’s horses from the Grandstand.

The design of the Grandstand has been very much important elements of the theme park since the program of the park has been inter-related with each other’s functions. For functions for horse race game, the grandstand has been placed in central location of Elf plaza. By doing so, it is easily accessible from the main entrance. The Grandstand is also connected with shopping arcade and exhibition, trade shows, as well as restaurant and cafeteria by integrating with nature and landscape area.

Elf Eco-tree is another iconic feature of the theme park where people experience the Elf style environment. Our Elf- Eco-tree does not simply act as a supporting structure to hold the platform of the main plaza but also provides 4 main systems: sustainable solar voltaic system, renewable energy system, green column and vertical circulation to connect another level of deck. During the rainy season, water will be collected for irrigation and it will be supplied to green plants and trees around the land. We also propose vines on Eco column and it will reduce the temperature during the summer in plaza. On top of tree, solar system has been incorporated to generate the energy and this energy will be utilized for LED screen of Grandstand as well as for landscape lights in the evening time.

In this form, private gamble sports of horse racing will become family oriented game. From the entry of the theme park to utilization of each function on the site is related function to visitors’ benefits on uses of facilities in this environmentally friendly theme park.

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Evening view

ZingyEdit: Spiral elevated race track surfs along lush green landscapes, embraced by other landscaping elements.

This picture relates to/has: Outdoors, architecture, landscape, Road, Urban, Wall, Night, Plaza



ZingyEdit: A sectional view of the landscaped elevated walkway, along with an array of designer perforated boundary walls.

This picture relates to/has: Outdoors, architecture, landscape, Plant, Road, Tree, Grass, Walkway


View from the landscape towards the Grandstand

ZingyEdit: A perspective through the furnished walkway embraced by the manicured landscapes on one side while the other side features interesting waterscapes.

This picture relates to/has: Outdoors, architecture, landscape, pavilions (garden structures), Garden, Furniture, Plant, Road, Tree, Grass, Water, Plaza, Walkway


The Elf Eco-Tree, which has 13 pieces in total, contains solar voltaic system and rainwater collection system. It is one of the iconic features of the theme park that reveals the best experience of the Elf environment. Nevertheless, it also provides a vertical circulation for visitors, allowing easy access around the whole park.

ZingyEdit: Ring like structures form up as the pavilions, in this landscaped area, resonating the same ring composition theme in the boundary walls as well.

This picture relates to/has: Outdoors, architecture, landscape, pavilions (garden structures), furniture, garden, Furniture, Plant, Potted Plant, Art


Bird view of the overall horse park

ZingyEdit: Bird's eye perspective features the organic pathways twiddling among each other with patches of hardscape, waterscape and landscape composed in a well manner.

This picture relates to/has: Outdoors, architecture, landscape, landscape, Road, Urban, Tree, Stamped Concrete Pathways



ZingyEdit: Ring like structures sprout up from the top, containing green hedges theme up as the artificial trees.

This picture relates to/has: Outdoors, architecture, landscape, pavilions (garden structures), Hanging Plants, Plant, Urban, Tree, Plaza, Stamped Concrete Pathways


The small park in front of the entrance area

ZingyEdit: A paved walkway along the grass landscapes, enhanced by colorful trees.

This picture relates to/has: Outdoors, pavilions (garden structures), Plant, Urban, Tree, Grass, Path, Walkway, Stamped Concrete Pathways


Interior space of Grandstand

ZingyEdit: Spiral punctures in the roof, allow surplus daylight to flood in, as this roof structure supports itself using columns. This wall less structure provides shelter to the visitors while framing views to the landscapes outside.

This picture relates to/has: escalator well, Flooring Tiles, Lighting, Plant, Column, Hall, Roof


This is the interior of the Grandstand, where the main horse race functions are related to.

ZingyEdit: Another perspective through the gallery, showcasing spiral openings over the roof, flooding in daylight and ventilation.

This picture relates to/has: Lobby, atrium, Lighting, Desk, Flooring, Art, Modern Art, Path, Tunnel


Elf Land entrance gate and the Welcome Center

ZingyEdit: Perspective featuring ring like structures compiled up into a form, as the landscape elements around which the hardscape and the softscape have been designed.

This picture relates to/has: Outdoors, landscape architecture, pavilions (garden structures), Water Fountains, landscape, Plant, Flower, Road, Urban, Tree, Grass, Plaza, Town Square, Nature, Walkway


Platforms and decks, which are interlinked with each other, is one of the key concepts of the design. In this way, the environment can be most efficiently preserved, enhancing visitors’ experience of the nature.

ZingyEdit: Deck platforms formed up from the pavers serve as the walkways, alongside the water channels.

This picture relates to/has: Outdoors, pavilions (garden structures), Furniture, pond, Plant, Urban, Tree, Grass, Walkway, Leisure Activities, Pavers


Section of the Grandstand

ZingyEdit: A sectional view of the amphitheater and the green pavilion structure showcasing their inner details.

This picture relates to/has: Outdoors, architecture, landscape, pavilions (garden structures), Amphitheater, Path


From the boat riding turning area at Maiar zone, hotels and attractions can be seen.

ZingyEdit: Elevated walkway raised on retaining walls is raised along the water channels, connecting the passer by with scenic beauty.

This picture relates to/has: Outdoors, elevated, landscape, Lighting, Plant, Grass, Water, Walkway


Boat riding services are provided so that visitors can enjoy the view along the river. From this view, Hobbit Pension Houses can be seen at the back.

ZingyEdit: Designed along the waterfront, the hardscape and landscape combine together to hold leisure activities forming up as an open public space for recreational purposes.

This picture relates to/has: Exterior, architecture, landscape, cafeteria seating, Grass, Watercraft, Water, Outdoors, Kiosk, Plaza, Town Square, Pier, Walkway, Leisure Activities, Port, Waterfront, Canal, River, Gondola


Design Process

This picture relates to/has: Poster, Text, Letter, Label, Map


Site Analysis

This picture relates to/has: Plan, Drawing


The elevated deck, which holds the race, avoids severe destruction to the nature. The area surrounded by the deck is the central area of the theme park.

ZingyEdit: Paved pathways form up as the landscape, elevated from the ground level. The grassy mounds add to the aesthetics of this area.

This picture relates to/has: Outdoors, architecture, landscape, Road, Urban, Tree, Grass, Nature, Countryside, Path, Walkway, Mountain


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