Sustainable Handmade Sylvn Studio Sonsie Brown Floor Lamp
Sustainable Handmade Sylvn Studio Sonsie Brown Floor Lamp

Sustainable Handmade Sylvn Studio Sonsie Brown Floor Lamp

This is one of our most seductive lamps. The curvaceous and voluptuous body of this floor lamp is reminiscent of the Hollywood heroines of yesteryears. The dazzling patterns of light that it dissipates on the walls and floors would recreate the scenario of a diva dressed in black gown walking down the red carpet amidst the flashes of paparazzi's cameras. Can you resist the temptation of bring home this beauty? Note: The lamp is completely handcrafted and recycled so there might be some difference in every lamp in termss of colour, size and texture.

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Available Colors:*
  • Brown
Size:   15x15x16.5 cms

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Pan India

Price: Rs. 6,900/-
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Product Details
  • Brown
Material corrugated cardboard
Model Number SO1314
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 15x15x16.5 cms
Other Specifications & Standards Compliance

1)Made from CORRUGATED CARDBOARD 2)Beautiful light effect 3)eco-friendly 4)With minimal care it will last for a lifetime. 5)You can clean it with Vacuum cleaner, nylon brush, dry cloth, blower & hair dryer.

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